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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

The Observation Bunker is the Bunker equivalent of a Watch Tower but with a larger range.


The Observation Bunker is a bunker modification that acts as a watchtower. It has longer range than the watchtower, dependent on its tier, but costs 1000 Watts of power to run. Due to this longer range, they are able to spot enemies placing Listening Kits to copy their intelligence radius as well as having more health to prevent easy destruction.

Construction Requirements[]

The Observation Bunker can only be built on a T2 or T3 Square Bunker segment, and in the case of a T3 the Concrete must be fully cured. Observation Bunkers cannot be built if more than one side of the Observation Bunker is touching another bunker segment, and will say "Must not be adjacent to other Bunker structure upgrades" in their tooltip when this is the case.

Tier 2[]

A radio bunker that provides intel to friendly units about the surrounding area. Reinforced with wood, it can withstand more punishment than a standard radio tower, and therefore is capable of increased effectiveness.
In-game description.

Built by upgrading a Tier 2 bunker into an Observation Bunker at the cost of 125 Basic Materials.png.

The Tier 2 Observation Bunker provides a range of 130 meters, which can be increased to up to 156 meters with the range boost from Infrastructure Modifications. This additional range will not be shown on the map, but will show players within this range.

Tier 3[]

A radio bunker that provides intel to friendly units about the surrounding area. Built from solid concrete, this reliable structure can push its effective range beyond lesser fortified radio structures.
In-game Description.

The Tier 3 Observation Bunker is an upgrade to the Tier 2 variant, and costs a different amount depending on the upgrade path. If upgraded from a Tier 2 Observation Bunker, it costs 20 Concrete Materials Icon.png. If built from a Tier 3 Bunker, it costs 30 Concrete Materials Icon.png. The Tier 3 Observation Bunker provides a 180 meter intelligence range, 50 meters larger than the Tier 2. This can be increased to 216 meters through the use of Infrastructure Modifications.

Comparison with Watch Tower[]

The Observation Bunkers are more expensive, take longer to build, and have costlier upkeep than regular watch tower to prevent decay (must be built with a bunker base and engine room). They also consume power to function, meaning you have to refuel the engine room every 48hours with 2 cans of Diesel.

But they are far more resistant than regular Watch Towers and see much farther. They are especially useful to watch region border areas since their range allows them to be placed outside the 150m fast decay area from the border and thus not need to be rebuilt every few hours. The longer range is also useful to watch a river (ship traffic) and the other side (enemy defenses).