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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A slight variation of the V.110, the Gravekeeper comes fitted with an embedded Bonesaw launcher, transforming the humble armoured car into an effective indirect anti-armour vehicle.
In-game description

A warden Armored Car with a Bonesaw turret.



The O'Brien V.113 Gravekeeper seats a crew of 2 (1 driver, 1 gunner), both safely enclosed in the vehicle.


The 4 inventory slots are reserved for the ARC⧸RPGs (one per slot).


It's armed with a Bonesaw turret. It has a range of 35m.

Health & Armor[]

It has the same health as the O'Brien V.110. Its armor is very light, it's able to soak up small arms fire and shrapnel but anything else should be considered a dangerous threat. It won't last long when faced with heavy calibers or heavy explosives. Anti-tank weaponry and Anti-tank Mines are almost always a death sentence.

Engine & Size[]

The Engine characteristics are identical to the O'Brien V.110.

The Armored Car can be packaged, forming a small Shippable that can be transported by Crane, Flatbed Truck, Freighter, or Barge.

It is heavy enough to trigger anti-tank mines and but still light enough to safely cross Field Bridges without damaging it too much. It is too small to cross Trenches. It can run over Sandbags and tier 1 walls but can't run over Barbed Wire Fences.


The vehicle is lightly armored and has no anti-infantry capability so it should always be supported by allied infantry. Its anti-tank capabilities, however, surpass any other opposing light armored vehicles, such as tankettes and armored cars. The Gravekeeper gun reloads very quickly (~4 seconds) which gives it a clear advantage over opponents. Under favorable circumstances the car can even engage light tanks, especially when flanking or having a decoy to distract the enemy tank crew. The shell can also deal moderate damage to structures and can be employed to destroy fortifications if necessary.

The Gravekeeper's inventory is very small and it is advised to have a shell supply nearby or carry a couple of shells in gunner's and driver's personal inventories.

The crew should wear Gas Masks and carry Filters to counter Gas Grenades.