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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

This early O’Brien variant, the V.101 Freeman is fitted with a 360 degree ballistics cannon turret at the expense of top speed and armour.
In-game description

A warden Armored Car with a 40mm cannon.



The O'Brien V.101 Freeman seats a crew of 2 (1 driver, 1 gunner), both safely enclosed in the vehicle.


The single inventory slot is reserved for the 40mm shells (can stack up to 100).


It's armed with a 40mm cannon mounted on a slow turning turret. It has a range of 35m.

Health & Armor[]

It has slighly more health than the O'Brien V.110 and the same health as the T3 "Xiphos". Its armor is very light, it's able to soak up small arms fire and shrapnel but anything else should be considered a dangerous threat. It won't last long when faced with heavy calibers or heavy explosives. Anti-tank weaponry and Anti-tank Mines are almost always a death sentence.

Engine & Size[]

Due to its heavier weight it suffers from an awful off-road speed. Its max speed on road is the same as standard Armored Cars but its low acceleration makes it slower on average. Its engine has a high fuel consumption rate which reduces the vehicle's autonomy. Any long term use will require a reliable source to refuel.

The Armored Car can be packaged, forming a small Shippable that can be transported by Crane, Flatbed Truck, Freighter, or Barge.

It is heavy enough to trigger anti-tank mines and but still light enough to safely cross Field Bridges without damaging it too much. It is too small to cross Trenches. It can run over Sandbags and tier 1 walls but can't run over Barbed Wire Fences.


Since the cannon is fitted at the back of the car, you can gain a few additional meters of range by turning the turret backwards and using the vehicle with its back toward to the enemy. This method allows for a quicker retreat, which is especially useful on a slow vehicle.

The vehicle has no anti-infantry capability and should always be supported by infantry.

The crew should wear Gas Masks and carry Filters to counter Gas Grenades.

The 40mm cannon is useful against defenses and light armored vehicles. The Freeman must manage to get in range of its target but remain far enough so that it cannot get flanked by enemy infantry.

With its relatively slow speed, especially off-road, the Freeman is used similarly to the Field Cannon.

During Snow Storms[]

During Snow Storms, before tanks are unlocked, the Freeman is the only easily usable anti-structure vehicle due to its closed top. Every other early anti-structure vehicle would absolutely require the crew to wear snow uniforms and make stops to warm up.