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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

This variant of the Bonesaw MK.3 is specially designed for use with tripod mounts. This affords it with increased stability and maximum potential range.
In-game description

A Tripod mounted warden Anti-Tank RPG that fires A.T.R.P.G. Indirect Shells.


The Mounted Bonesaw MK.3 is the tripod mounted version of the Bonesaw MK.3. It fires A.T.R.P.G. Indirect Shells at a longer range than its handheld version. The weapon is a Large Item, carried on your shoulder, that requires to be mounted on a tripod to be fired. It deals tremendous damage to armored vehicles with a high penetration chance and decent damage to structures.

Although it can only fire up to 37m on flat ground, the weapon's range can go upwards of 50m if deployed on a high enough position. Realistically however the maximum range when positioned on an average hill will be about 40m.

Disassembling the mounted weapon will drop any loaded shell on the ground.


Unlike other RPGs, it is aimed much more like a Grenade. When aiming, you're never firing at a point above your cursor. Unlike the handheld Bonesaw MK.3 your max range can be increased slightly by aiming at a high position (top of a structure or vehicle, hill, etc).


The weapon's indirect trajectory allows you to fire from behind cover, hidden and protected. Finding high ground to fire is important to maximize your range.

The Bonesaw's shell doesn't get any penetration bonuses from range and angle, so it is not necessary to attempt to shoot the sides or rear of armored vehicles or to fire from very close.

Deployed tripod weapons are invisible at night, just like infantry, making them an excellent tool to ambush armored vehicles at night. They can also be hidden by being placed inside bushes, but are revealed to people within 10m. Only their firing effects (smoke and flashes from the barrel) will betray their presence.