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Mortars are medium range launchers which fire Mortar Shells over obstacles. They are less affected by wind than many larger artillery types, and have a small explosion radius. They are able to fire multiple types of shells, including regular explosive Mortar Shells, Mortar Shrapnel Shells which produce a larger shrapnel explosion, and Mortar Flare Shells which create light in a radius around their landing location.

Mortar List[]

Icon Class Name Slot # Damage Damage Type Cost
Units produced per Crate
Magazine Capacity
Reload Time (seconds)
Ammo Faction
Mortar Cremari Mortar 1 100 Basic Materials.png
25 Refined Materials.png
5 46.3 1 3.5 Mortar Shell
Mortar Shrapnel Shell
Mortar Flare Shell

Ammunition Types[]

  • Mortar Shell
    • An explosive projectile from a mortar. Useful against vehicles and structures.
  • Mortar Shrapnel Shell MortarAmmoIconShrapnel.png
    • A shell that explodes into shrapnel on impact, devastating nearby infantry. Only useful against infantry.
  • Mortar Flare Shell MortarAmmoIconFlare.png (Flare effect GIF)
    • A shell that ignites midair and illuminates a large area, revealing enemy targets.

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