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Cremari Mortar
Either faction
Fire Rate:
Magazine size:
Reload Time:
3.5 seconds
Mortar Shell, Shrapnel, Flare
100 Basic Materials.png
25 Refined Materials.png
Amount produced (Units per crate):
Production Time:
A short distance cannon used to take out infantry and lightly armored structures.
In-game description

The Mortar is a long range launcher which fires Mortar Shells over obstacles. It can only be fired from a crouched or prone position. It is best used against fortifications, such as Foxholes, Pillboxes, Gun Turrets, and Half-tracks. It has a maximum range of 80 meters and a minimum of 45 meters. To fire it, you must reload a shell with R, crouch, aim with RMB, adjust distance with Mouse Wheel, and fire with LMB. You can switch ammo type by pressing F.


The Mortar is obtained via production in a Factory.

Ammunition - Shell Types[]

  • Mortar Shell
    • An explosive projectile from a mortar. Useful against vehicles and structures.
  • Mortar Shrapnel Shell SH Icon.png
    • A shell that explodes into shrapnel on impact, devastating nearby infantry. Only useful against infantry.
  • Mortar Flare Shell FL Icon.png (Flare effect GIF)
    • A shell that ignites midair and illuminates a large area, revealing enemy targets.

Tips & Notes[]

  • When equipped, the mortar tube will significantly slow the user's movement and turn radius. It is recommended to switch to your secondary weapon to re-position before firing again.
  • Its main advantage is firing from a distance. Keep yourself behind the front line to greatly increase your chance of survival.
  • A mortar's fire can be seen through the night, like gunshots.
  • Mortar Shells do not stack, so it is imperative that a mortar crew be well supplied by a logistics team.
  • Predict enemy movement as the shells have a 1-4 second travel time based on distance.
  • Remember what mortars sound like, as it is easy to tell if you are under attack by them and need to retreat.
  • Adjust your shots by taking wind into account by checking the flags on foxholes and other garrisoned structures.
  • Use the 'F' key to select the shell type to load.

Historical Reference[]

The design and icon for the Cremari Mortar appear to be based off the Japanese Type 89 Mortar.

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