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The Medical Lab is a world structure that can be found around certain towns, and is used for crafting medical supplies to aid soldiers in battle. It appears as a tall church like building with a cross over a green flag over some parts of its exterior. The building can be entered through its doorway to see inside and take cover from outside fire and barrages. The building can be destroyed to cease use and production, and can be rebuilt with 300 Basic Materials.

When picking up an order of medical supplies will be packed into crates which then must be submitted to a stockpile for assembly.

Items Craftable[]

Icon Item
Units produced per Crate
Cost Time (seconds) Faction
Bandages 50 80 Basic Materials.png 40
Blood Plasma 50 80 Basic Materials.png 40
First Aid Kit 10 50 Basic Materials.png 35
S. Supplies.png
Soldier Supplies 10 80 Basic Materials.png 80
Trauma Kit.png
Trauma Kit 10 80 Basic Materials.png 50


 Callahan's Passage[]

  • White Chapel, K-3
  • Lochan Berth, H-5
  • Overlook Hill, G-7
  • Crumbing Post, E-12

The Deadlands[]

  • Iron's End, E-3
  • Callahan's Gate, I-2
  • Abandoned Ward, E-6
  • Sun's Hollow, A-12
  • The Salt Farms, F-12

Weathered Expanse[]

  • Eldergate, C-2
  • Crow's Nest, H-8
  • Dullahan's Crest, E-9
  • Fox Catcher, L-12

Endless Shore[]

  • Brackish Point, E-2
  • Saltbrook Channel, C-3
  • The Well, F-3
  • Woodbind, G-7

Umbral Wildwood[]

  • The Foundry, E-3
  • Thunderfoot, F-6
  • Hermit's Rest, K-8
  • Stray, K-2

Fisherman's Row[]

  • Peripti Landing, A-6
  • Eidolo, E-7
  • Danakana Post, A,11
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