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The craftable medical items are produced at Factories.

Medical Items List[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost
Units produced per Crate
Encumbrance Uses
Bandages 160 Basic Materials.png 80 0.181% Stops your bleeding; used as charges for First Aid Kit

Blood Plasma 80 Basic Materials.png 80 ~0.33% Used as charges for the Trauma Kits for reviving

Critically Wounded Soldier 53% Converts into Soldier Supplies at a Hospital

First Aid kit.png
First Aid Kit 60 Basic Materials.png 10 9% Heals and stops bleeding of other soldiers

Trauma Kit.png
Trauma Kit 80 Basic Materials.png 10 18% Revives downed players

Wounded Soldier Icon.png
Wounded Player 53% Allows you to carry wounded players

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