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The Mechanized Utility Vehicle is a Dead Harvest specific Vehicle type. Commonly referred to as Mechs, these are vehicles which are designed to combat the Undead in combat.

Mechanized Utility Vehicles List[]

Icon Class Name Description Armament Cost Fuel Capacity & Usage Rate Crew Inventory Slots Faction
Mechanized Utility Vehicle "Centurion" MU-2 With a 75mm cannon as its main armament, the Centurion is designed to destroy enemy vehicles and structures while killing undead with ease. 75mm Cannon
Two 12.7mm Heavy Machine Guns
? 5 Colonial.png

Herne QMW 1a Scourge Hunter Vehicle Icon.png
Mechanized Utility Vehicle Herne QMW 1a Scourge Hunter Designed to combat both Undead as well as supporting vehicles and structures. Quad RPG Launcher
12.7mm Quad-Barrel Heavy Machine Gun
? 4 Warden.png