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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

Map Intelligence is a game mechanic which allows players to see, on their map, reconnaissance data gathered by their team.

Gathering Intel[]

Intelligence is gathered by:

Safe Houses require the Radio Station upgrade, Observation Bunkers require power to work. The Drummond Loscann 55c is the only LUV not to gather intel.

Each of these have a different intelligence radius, with Observation Towers having the largest.

Any entities spotted by one of these sources are marked on the map with one of six icons, showing their respective type and location. The color of the icon determines the affiliation of the spotted entity, with blue for Wardens and green for Colonials. Certain friendly structures, like Bunker Bases and Forward Operating Bases will show an icon different from the OutpostIntelligence.png icon, using their own custom map icon.

Intel Interception[]

The intelligence gathered by enemy structures, vehicles, and items can be intercepted using Listening Kits and Intelligence Centers.

Receiving The Gathered Intel[]

Players may update their Map Intelligence by "checking in" at any Base (pressing E on them). After a while, that Map Intelligence will become outdated. An alternative method to update one's Map Intelligence is to have either a Radio or Radio Backpack equipped, which provides constant Map Intelligence updates to the equipped player (every 5-10 seconds).

It is wise for at least one player on the front lines to carry a Radio on them so they can, for example, note potential enemy weaknesses or report a large enemy push in real time.

Map Legend[]

The seven Map Intelligence icons

Every other structure (except for those with their own unique icons like Townhalls, Storage Depot, Safe house, etc...) does not appear at all on the map. Walls, Gates, simple Bunkers, Trenches, Sandbags, Barbed Wire, and Storage Boxes are not detected.

Map Intel can also be conveyed through Map Posts placed by other players.

Example of Map Intel, with one Map Post