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Early iterations of this machinegun were built to be emplaced in bunkers and on the decks of lightly armed warships, the Ratcatcher is Harvey Malone’s first freely mountable infantry weapon designed for field use. Just like its predecessors, this heavy weapon suppresses enemy soldiers with unmatched efficiency.
In-game description

A Tripod Mounted Machinegun for the warden faction. It fires 12.7mm.


The Malone Ratcatcher MK.1 machinegun has a very fast fire rate. The machinegun excels against infantry due to its damage, accuracy, range, fire rate, and magazine size. Its main counters are Sniper Rifles, Mortars, and Artillery. Due to its fixed firing arc the gun is also susceptible to flanking.


  • Since you can't receive cover bonuses while using Tripod Weapons and given the Ratcatcher's fast fire rate, you'll keep your accuracy for longer if you use the gun on a crouch-height positioned tripod (i.e. tripod on the ground rather than on edge of Trench or Sandbags).
  • A Motorcycle can be used to quickly transport the tripod and gun while you carry the ammo in your backpack.

Historical Reference[]

The Ratcatcher is similar in appearance to the Hotchkiss Mle 1914 machine gun.