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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

This heavy machine gun is bulky enough to require a steady surface to maintain stability. The Malone series of machine guns are unmatched defenders on the battlefield.
In-game description

The Malone MK.2 is a Warden Machine Gun chambered in 12.7mm with a 125 round magazine.


The Malone is a heavy machine gun which is able to provide covering fire as well as destroy certain structures. It also does good damage against many lighter vehicles. Compared to is colonial counterpart (KRN886-127 Gast Machine Gun), the Malone deals less damage per bullet (64% of the Gast's damage) but at a faster fire rate (5 rounds/s vs 4).

The Soldier Uniform reduces the Malone's Encumbrance from 38% to 29%.

Historical Reference[]

The Malone MK.2 could be based on the French Reibel machine gun, MAC mle 1931 machine gun. Most noticeable is their shared resemblance due to the side-mounted pan magazine and overall shape of the gun. The stock resembles that of a German PzB 39 anti-tank rifle.