Machine Gun Pillbox Structure Icon.png

A well-fortified bunker position fitted with a mounted machinegun. Garrisoned infantry will lay down heavy suppressive fire upon approaching enemies from a fixed angle.
In-game description

The Machine Gun Pillbox is an automated anti-infantry and anti-light armored vehicle Defensive Building.


The Machine Gun pillbox automatically fires 12.7mm rounds on any enemy infantry or vehicle. It only functions when its AI is activated (large flag on the turret) by being within the range of a Base with an AI Upgrade. The Machine Gun Pillbox can be manned by players, allowing the use of weapons while inside. Its shots can be avoided by moving behind obstacles. It has a limited firing arc of 90 degrees, as do the players manning it, but more range than a Rifle Pillbox.

It has decent health and is immune to Small Arms and Heavy Machine Gun fire.

It can be Suppressed. While suppressed, the player inside is still able to fire.

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