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The Machine Gun Garrison (MG garrison for short) is a Bunker upgrade that fields a strong machine gun. It comes in three tiers. The MG Garrison will, similar to the Rifle Garrison, become activated when powered by a Bunker Base with the right facilities. It is an unpassable structure in your bunker, although it is enterable like a Foxhole. The machine gun in the garrison is automatic and has an increased firing speed with every tier with the final tier similar to the Field Machine Gun. It has a limited arc of fire of about 30 degrees in both directions.

Similar to other garrisons, two cannot be built right beside each other. This modification can be built facing into trenches and other bunkers.

It has the similar behaviour as the former Pillbox, but in a bunker network.

Construction Requirements[]

Machine Gun Garrison can be constructed on any Bunker with the following requirements:

  • Not adjacent to another bunker modification
  • Connected to a Bunker Base through trenches or bunkers
  • Bunker Base must have unlocked the Machine Gun Garrison tech
  • Bunker Base's bunker network must own at least 8 Infrastructure Modifications of the "Garrison" type (e.g. beds)

Tier 1[]

Built by upgrading a Tier 1 bunker into a machine gun garrison.

Tier 2[]

Built either by upgrading a Tier 2 bunker into a machine gun garrison, or by upgrading a tier 1 machine gun garrison. The total cost is 175 basic materials in both cases.

Tier 3[]

Built either by upgrading a Tier 3 bunker into a machine gun garrison, or by upgrading a tier 3 machine gun garrison. Note that the cost is cheaper if you upgrade a tier 2 machine gun garrison to tier 3 (30 concrete materials) rather than transform a tier 3 bunker into a tier 3 machine gun garrison (40 concrete materials, to add to the 30 concrete materials used to make a T3 bunker first).