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Machine Guns are fully automatic weapons that fires the deadly 12.7mm round. They are mainly designated for suppressing infantry and defensive structures, as well as dealing damage to light defenses and lightly armored vehicles. Their magazines holds a lot of rounds and they have a long range and decent accuracy when deployed. It can only be used while prone or crouched unless you have solid cover of the correct height to use it while standing.

This weapon has high encumbrance making you an easy target for Mortars, Frag Grenades, Green Ash, and the like.

Destruction Power on Structures[]

Unlike other small arms calibers, 12.7mm machine guns are powerful enough to deal damage and destroy the weaker structures of the game. They can damage:

Machine Gun List[]


All Machine Guns produced in a Factory or Mass Production Factory.


  • Moving with the secondary weapons or Fists equipped when carrying a MG is recommended, as movement speed with the MG in hand is painfully slow.
  • It is faster to equip a pistol than to unequip the MG.
  • When crouched or prone with the MG, you will be limited to an arc at which you can fire depending where the front of the gun is facing. The arc can only be changed by standing up again and turning to front the desired target.
  • Note that the animation between crouch deploying the MG and being able to fire it is extremely quick. In fact, you're able to start firing immediately from starting to deploy, except you will be suffering from a large starting bloom. Use it when necessary (Running targets in the open).
    • Crouching in front of waist-high obstacles (like sandbags or low walls) will place the MG on top of them, providing additional cover to the gunner.
  • The MG is well suited for firing from within a Pillbox or a Bunker Garrison, as it provides cover from explosives and allows turning the MG (although very slowly).
  • Moving and re-deploying between longer bursts helps to avoid incoming Mortar fire and Frag Grenades.
  • A Gas Mask would be extremely viable to carry to counteract the Green Ash.
  • The MG is the best weapon to suppress any static defensive structure, stopping their fire (except the Garrisoned House).
  • The MG is powerful enough to damage and destroy light structures such as Rifle Pillboxes, most Tier 1 structures (Bunkers, Walls, Encampment, Garrison Camp), as well as Watch Towers, Containers and Emplacements. Try to focus your fire on the structure you can actually destroy.