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See Lore for a comprehensive description of the game's lore.

Scattered throughout the regions are little pieces of notes and information that gives clues about the Foxhole world, as well as easter-eggs and locations within the game itself. New notes are put into the game occasionally by the developers, and can be found in game by players.

This page consists of lore text pieces as found in and around the game. Some larger pieces, such as elaborate locations, have their own articles as well, where some background information is given as well. Interesting locations without text can be found in Landmarks.

This page does not contain all lore pieces, so if you see a lore piece lacking or being outdated, please take the liberty to edit the page. Do not forget to put in the date and location of a lore piece using the LoreDate template!


Map description[]

This lore piece is reported on 11 August 2017. It has been confirmed to be missing since Update 0.10.

Once the heart of the Warden empire, the Deadlands now serves as a stark reminder of the Great Wars. Built atop the bones of this once great capital are several small towns and villages. Bisecting the north and south of the region is a great river that flows out towards The Endless Shore.[1]

Sunhaven Gateway Statues[]

This lore piece is reported on 10 August 2017.
  • Statue Plaque - The plaque is surprisingly intact. Most of the text is still legible "Callahan gifted our lands with riches, prosperity, and ensured bountiful harvest. It was his left hand that earned friendship, alliances and offered protection."[2]
  • Broken Statue Plaque - The plaque is charred and worn, but you can make out some of the text "...fear with his right hand, the commanding of his armies and the raising of his shield..." The rest of the plaque has been eroded.[2]

Letter found on a Warden skeleton[]

This lore piece is reported on 22 August 2017.

A letter that is hardly intact. It's remarkably legible, but if you were to lift the paper, it would surely fall apart. You swipe the snow off the envelope, slide the letter out delicately, kneel down and carefully read it. "They attacked! The southerners actually attacked! We'd heard rumors that they might try to move in on our land. These Colonials had been aggressively expanding north. We'd hoped the Bulwark would keep our lands separate but now they've broken through. My unit was ordered to leave our post on the wall and retreat to Sun's Haven to hold position. I pray this letter makes it to you. I want you to take just the horses and get yourself to Whedon's Row. It's been secured for the time being. You'll know when it's time to move again."[3]

Doctor's Note[]

This lore piece is reported on 14 November 2019.

You find the notes of an out-of-sorts doctor. Most of them are medical charts, diagnoses and random markings. However, one record seems out of place.

"There's not much left to be done, I think. 'Oh, it'll be fine, Roger,'they all said. I ain't no doctor and told 'em that the day they put me here. All we have're these bloody books to work from, and that's simply not enough. Only help are crippled bastards who had no chance of seeing the front. Just the other day, got a report about some wounded men down south. These were folk they say might see another day, so's we sent out a dispatch. Blasted truck never made it.

I worry I've developed a marty complex, killing meself to try to help those doomed the day they were born. Perhaps we all are. Perhaps I'm doomed to this damned orphanage. Irony is, it's kids here that die the most. Suppose I tried, ey."[4]

Callahan's Passage[]

Map description[]

This lore piece is reported on 11 August 2017. It has been confirmed to be missing since Update 0.10.

When the Wardens lost the Deadlands, they fell back to Callahan's Passage. Using its narrow passages and mountainous geography they would try and bottleneck their foes. Harsh, and unforgiving, the natural obstacles of the passage are just as much of a threat to a soldier's life as their enemies in ambush.[1]

Under Lochan Lake[]

This lore piece is reported on 5 April 2017. It has been confirmed to be missing since Update 0.10.

You can see borrowed into the ice, a series of bodies entombed and mummified. The trail is deep and you see the corpses disappear into the darkness below.[5]


Caoiva Map[]

This lore piece is reported on 29th May 2022.

This lore piece can be found in grid G5k-5.

Amongst the rubble you find a large map of Caoiva laid across a table. It's wine-stained and torn

The map is wine-stained and torn.

Despite the damage, you notice something peculiar. Various locations are marked by a black X.


Map description[]

This lore piece is reported on 11 August 2017. It has been confirmed to be missing since Update 0.10.

This mostly unscarred region is comprised of very rich and fertile farmlands. Originally cultivated by Warden farmers, the Upper Heartlands was once a boon of great opportunity and wealth, even after the Great Wars. Now, because of its strategic importance and abundance of natural resources, the Heartlands has become a constant source of tension and conflict.[1]

Message scratched into a bike[]

This lore piece is reported on 17 April 2017.

There's a Colonial logo painted on the side. Much definition is lost. There's a ragged 'X' scratched through the logo. Underneath it the words "Fucking Southern Mechanics" are hastily scraped into the charred metal.[6]

Abandoned Fort[]

This lore piece is reported on 10 August 2017.

Things related to the Fort can be read in the relevant article. Text has been updated in 2020. [7]

  • Tobacco Case - Inside there's a hand crafted pipe alongside preserved tobacco wrapped in wax paper. There's a note.
    Here's a sample of the tabacco. Smuggled it out of the farm complexes southeast by Therízo. You Caoivish have never smoked the likes of this, I promise you. If you're hankering for more, fill the case with so,e of that herky from the Fisherman's Row. Leave it at the fort. Once it's found, I'll send a lad out to set up a meet.
  • Books - Many of these books were thought to have been lost in the great wars.
    You guess someone was trying to keep an archive.
  • Wine Cask - Someone must have smuggled these into the Heartlands.
  • Fire Pit - There's nothing but charred bits of wood in the base of the pit

Recruitment Poster[]

This lore piece is reported on 22 August 2017.

Updated on 25 July 2020. This poster is found at a crashed truck in a field.

  • A poster depicting a group of soldiers in blue standing side by side bearing shield before a mountain range. They tower over a pile of bloodied corpses in drap.
    These are our streets. These are our people, these are our lands, stand up and join the Hands.
  • Everything is written in erratic cursive.
    "If one of you Collie fuckers see this, consider it a warning. I'm coming for you, I see you now.
    Watch your back, dogs. - M"

Endless Shore[]

Map description[]

This lore piece is reported on 11 August 2017. It has been confirmed to be missing since Update 0.10.

The Endless Shore as it was named, for if you peer any direction into the vast sea, you will struggle to spot the other side. Much of the Warden's trading was done through Saltbrook Channel before the Great Wars. The Endless Shore once saw ships of all kinds dropping anchor in its ports. Being a major estuary, this region is under constant strife.[1]

Message carved into the tree[]

This lore piece is reported on 19 March 2017.

"The war isn't going to end. Why keep fighting? And after watching Jackson, well... Now I just want to stare out into the sea. At least I'll always have that." There are two hastily carved crosses underneath.[11]

Vandalized plaque[]

This lore piece is reported on 10 August 2017.

The plaque seems intentionally vandalized. All you can make out are a couple of letters "u, a, n, w, v, and the word us." The rest has been painted over with a variety of slurs and offensive imagery.[12]

Umbral Wildwood[]

Map description[]

This lore piece is reported on 11 August 2017. It has been confirmed to be missing since Update 0.10.

To the west of the Heartlands lies a vast hinterland that remained largely untouched before the Great Wars. As resources dwindled in the north, the dense frontier of the Umbral Wildwood began to be harvested for lumber. The river that flows through the center of the region provides a perfect way to transport lumber to the north. As such, this abundant source of timber and resources has since fueled the war machine on both fronts, but at what cost?[1]

Weathered Expanse[]

Map description[]

This lore piece is reported on 11 August 2017. It has been confirmed to be missing since Update 0.10.

Deep in the mountains, The Weathering Halls stood for centuries as a bastion of hope during less sophisticated times. Surrounding the Halls were three great gates, blocking passage or defending from northern invaders. The Warden's prized fortress and sturdy walls endured through the Great Wars. That was until the Colonials marched on The Weathered Expanse.[1]


This lore piece is reported on 22 July 2017.

An old journal lies next to some abandoned bedrolls. It appears to contain the account of a deserting soldier's journey north. They appeared to be part of a small group. "...our legion was called the 'Swords of Maro.' What a fuckin' joke that is. If Maro was alive to see what a farce his namesake has become, he'd likely shoot himself anyway."[13]


This lore piece is reported on {{{1}}}.

The top sign reads "Frostmarch Village." Strangely, this place no longer exists (This is a reference to the ghost town in the development branch where a town displayed on the map had no buildings in it.)

Self Reflection[]

This lore piece is reported on {{{1}}}.

Something about this place leaves you feeling unsettled (At the site of the Frostmarch crossroads. Likely related to the above note.)

Town sign[]

This lore piece is reported on {{{1}}}.

It's caked in ice and weathered, but you can make out the text "Welcome to Welsford"

Burgundi manuscripts[]

This lore piece is reported on 22 September 2019.

While flipping through dull manuscripts, a page written in a different hand slips out. It seems torn from another book. You read it, "it was told to me that his man had all survived the cold and frigid water, but their captain wouldn't leave the animals behind and he tried to wait out the winter. He wasn't so lucky. He, along with the livestock, froze to death. It's told that when the ice cleared and winter passed, the ship sank deep into the ocean. One by one, the surviving crew died of pneumonia. Months, even years after they lost the Burgundi, each crew member would fall ill until there were none alive. No one would tell me the man's true name."[14]

Book and letter[]

This lore piece is reported on 22 September 2019.

There's a book with a mark carved into the cover that looks like a star. Opening it reveals a letter addressed to Ciara, "You said you would meet me here, and we'd travel through the north for a few weeks to take the long route to Morgen's Crossing. I've been waiting for days, and still you haven't arrived. Combat is breaking out in this region, and I can't wait any longer. I'll try to wait in Morgen's Crossing. Hopefully the fighting doesn't make it that far. It really doesn't help that, at this point, I've got a target on my back from both sides."

Fisherman's Row[]

Abandoned Colonial Bag[]

This lore piece is reported on 18 August 2017.

A Colonial bag was left behind. The surrounding area shows signs of a minor scuffle and the bag was clearly dropped in a hurry. It's since been ransacked by remaining are six finely carved wooden figures. There's a swordsman, a horseman, a general, a civilian, a pikeman, and an archer.[15]

Journal Entry[]

This lore piece is reported on 22 August 2017.

Updated in 2020. You find a ragged journal opened to the last entry.
"Morgan escaped and stowed away on a ship headed for Westgate. She said she would steal a truck and make her way north by way of the Heartlands. On and on she went, talking about reinforcements and saving us - blah blah. I didn't believe her. In fact, I was sure she'd die on her way out. Boyo I was wrong.
She pulled a knif from this dumb Collie's belt, slit his throat and gutted the wanker next to him. It was like watching a bloody dance. After they fell, she scooped up a rifle and hid in the back of a truck. The numpty waved at me from behind a few crates. After all that nonsense, I'm not so sure she is a liar, after all.
Maybe I stand a chance to get off this wretched island before I croak."

Farranac Coast[]

Unsend letters in a book[]

This lore piece is reported on 24 September 2019.

This lore piece consists of two read prompts.

A book discussing the journeys and follies of an ancient foreign sea god. Scattered around the book are several undelivered letters, most trying to reassure loved ones on the state of the war. [18]

Beside it, you can find the following prompt:

Exceprt [sic] from a letter addressed to someone named 'Juno' in a small village in Cálokai "...I wish they had just stopped their trade expansion. I wish they had of stayed in their little winter mountain wonderland. Now Maro, she... well, I think it's all about pride but she tells us it's about protection and about legacy. And yet, she has so many people whispering in her ears, does she even know the truth? How much longer do we go on? What's left to fight for? Anyway, please write back to me. I'm leaving Terra soon, and returning to Cálokai. Fuck this war. The guy I sent with this letter, I trust him, he'll get whatever you write back to me. And please, enjoy the wine. Kisses. - Christos" The letter never made it to Juno.[19]

Deserters Journal[]

This lore piece is reported on 25 September 2019.

An abandoned journal from a deserting soldier "I decided to leave a trail in hopes that it might wind up in the hands of others who feel hopeless or afraid: You can escape. When I left the Swords of Maro, it was hearthbreaking. It was all I knew, they were my family. But there is life outside of war. Recently I learned about Velian history. Out once great country struck a deal with Mesea hundreds of years ago. The Caovish were not much better. It was because of their greed that the Velians needed protection in the first place. I'm not interested in fighting a war of opportunity. I met someone, and I want to have a life with her. We're going to head north, through the rough mountainous terrain where hopefully, won't be followed and out north towards Nicnevin at Morgen's Crossing. We may still be there, we might not, but know you have friends in the north."

Journal of a Deserting Soldier[]

This lore piece is reported on 7 July 2020.

I've decided to leave a trail with the hope it might wind up in the hands of those starting to question all of this. To reach those who feel hopeless or afraid. If my words find you, know this: you can escape.
I left this war as a high ranking member of the swords of Maro. I promise, this is not in jest. It was heartbreaking. That company was all I had. To me, they're family. Even today, I'd die for any one of them. But I learned there is life outside of war. You'll soon find it too.
On my travels, a man taught me some Velian history. Our once great country struck a deal with Mesea hundreds of years ago. Did you know we once had a king? A kingdom? The Caoivish are no better. Their greed is what forced us Velians into desperation. Their wall. Their need for control.
I'm not interested in fighting a war of opportunity. Are you?
I've met a girl. And, I know what you'll try to tell me.
But what if? Why not? I'd like a life with her. A simple one, away from war. Would you turn down warmth in your bed? A fire to come home to? A home at all? It's a risk worth taking.
We're headed north to Nicnewin. It's through rough terrain where, hopefully we won't be followed. We mean to take the pass through Morgen's Crossing. A bit of an inside joke so we didn't want to miss it.
If you arrive at the Crossing, you may find us and I that [sic] hope you do. Know that you have friends in the north.
Follow the stars.

Mooring County[]

Letter from an amputee[]

This lore piece is reported on 22 September 2019.

Excerpt from an opened letter, "Mooring County? Where in the hell is that? You're being deployed to some backwoods town? Why do they call it that anyway? It's probably frozen most of the year, who's bringing boats? I wish you could answer me right away. I know I'll have to wait a long time, maybe years to hear back from you. They're making me a prosthetic metal leg and once I learn to walk properly, they said I might be sent back out. I'm excited. I feel like I was just getting started when I lost my leg. The break has been nice, but like you said that day, "You're Mesean, your blood is gunpowder, trenches are your home. Life is too short to waste on the fields and toiling away inside factories." Then you said something Crass about my mother and that's when my memory gets fuzzy. When I get out there, you bet your ass I owe you a stiff drink."

Reaching Trail[]


This lore piece is reported on 15 September 2019.

More on the Campsite can be read here. There are two texts to be found

  • On the site: You see chaos all around you. Blood stains the snow and viscera is splattered about. Curious though, while the blood has dried, the fire has only recently died. Almost if someone wanted the scene to be discovered.
  • Bloodied Rifle: The name, "Cara" is carved into the trigger guard. Small cuts are marked into the stock. This rifle cannot be cleaned. This rifle cannot be loaded. This rifle will not fire. Blood pours out from the barrel when the trigger is squeezed. It's too light. It must be cursed, you feel. You aren't sure why you still carry it.


Journal of a Grieving Highlander[]

This lore piece is reported on 18 July 2020.

A young highlander spent years searching for the Warden soldiers who slaughtered his family. He details his quest for revenge with alarming clarity. You suspect at some point, he'd drifted into madness. The last entry, in particular, is chilling.
I found them. We found them. Buried them, my love. One by one. They told our little boy to smile before they burried that hatchet into his temple.
I watched. They held my eyes open, made me. Should have killed me. They didn't.
We made them smile too before we put them in the ground, didn't we? It wouldn't do for them to go quickly, oh no . . . No. It wou-
The rest devolves into illegible scrawlings.

Loch Moor[]

Olde Louster Farm[]

This lore piece is reported on 30 July 2020.

There are multiple lore pieces found around here

  • A sign: Welcome to the Olde Louster Farm.
  • Rusty Shovel: By all accounts, you've found a normal, old, rusted shovel. But then, you pull a tiny piece of paper that was hidden in the metal frame.
    Carefully, you unfold it to find a poem, maybe a song.
    They tell us to stand,
    So we stand..
    They tell us to fight,
    So we fight.
    They tell us to dig.
    And we dig our graves.
    For the end of the war,
    We will not see
    For there s no end,When the world's gone to hell.
    They feed us the dirt,
    So we eat it smiling.
    They arm us with shovels,
    So we dig their trenches.
    They hand us our guts,
    So we can shove them back in.

Inner Dialogue[]

This lore piece is reported on 26 August 2020.

In the fields ahead, you spot several ominous-looking stakes driven into the ground.
As you approach the stakes something ancient weights down on you. The wood has rotted and splintered, and the bones of the dead can hardly be recognized as human. It's no wonder the Hanged Men have taken it for their sigil in defiance of fate.
The field around you, now overgrown and wild, was once the staging ground for an ancient battle. The horrors committed here have been committed before and will be again.
You laugh at the irony of it all. why did these men die in such a grisly fashion, if, after all this time, war rages on?

Drowned Vale[]

Abandoned Bunker[]

This lore piece is reported on 23 May 2020.

There is an article for this location, as it is very notable. Below you can find the text snippets.

  • Old letter - Slick with dirt and damp, you find a pile of letters mingling amongst a scattering of small parts, tools and different calibers of bullets. One of the letters illuminates what this intrepid engineer might have been up to.
    The mechanism won't fire quick enough to make a difference. It overheats and I can't seem to get the balance right. Everytime I try to hit the target, it flails about wildly. Tree tripods I've broken, Jonathan, three! How'd they manage it? Maybe we'll never know.
    I must have burned my skin to bone about as many times as I'v broken fingers. These blasted old rifles... Maybe it's time to seek out new materials. New tools. I fear I may not be successful out here in the wetlands. Let me tell you, those dreadful birds never shut up!
    If you have any thoughts, please write back in a hurry.
    He signs off with only, 'Your dear friend'.
  • Dead Bird? - The grisly sight of a dead bird lies before you. Yet, despite your own logical internal protests, you decide to take a closer look.
    At first, what you take for a dead bird is in fact, a carcass stuffed with straws and leaves. It's feathers and eyes have been carefully reconstructed.
    What a morbid display.

Viper Pit[]

Viper's Skull[]

This lore piece is reported on 8 August 2020.

A large stone sits at the center of a carefully constructed enclosure.
Here sits the Viper's Skull, Kirnell's founding stone.
This stone, as it sits, has done before us all, and will remain forever and beyond.

Shackled Chasm[]

Colonial Recon Report[]

This lore piece is reported on 12 September 2020.

You've discovered a stolen Colonial recon report.
There's a typed letter attached, it reads:
Magister, we've heard from our Kraunian allies out west: the Bronze Men have taken the desert at Leiloa Fa. The Senate implores us to keep contact with them. They may be drunks and rapists, but they are a powerful force with whom we wish to ensure allegiance.
We offer them much, and they serve our interests in the west. This is a game we must play. There are whispers of resistances trickling out of the warring countries. Some refusing to fight, others refusing to provide. This is troubling. Reports from our own citystates claim total fidelity as anticipated.
I suspect the Bronze Men along with our myriad allies, will play a part in maintaining their locality for generations.


Beefjerky book (aka Peculiar Book, and Hollow Book)[]

This lore piece is reported on 19 October 2021.

At first glance, it appears to be a simple book. As you shift it between your hands, you feel something clanking around inside.

You tap it. It's hollow.

Inside you find a hole carved out between the pages, revealing a generous amount of dried jerky fastened with cedar twine. It smells delicious, but you know it's worth too much to simply eat.

Though, your hunger might betray you.

It's been ages since you've smelled decent meat.

Inner Haven Volumes[]

Information about and related to the Inner Haven books can be read on the related page. This section only contains the actual in-game text. The text has been updated in 2020.

Vol 1[]

This lore piece is reported on 6 August 2020.

...Legate Silas Maro was the first to walk the smoking remains of the Breach. Following his cowardly assassination at the battle for Sunhaven, it was his descendant Thea Maro who led our legions into the hostile north.
Groomed from birth, an expert tactician with exceptional natural gifts. Thea exercised swift and decisive leadership. It was her will that brought us to the heart of Caoiva.
Maro offered the northerners peace, on the condition of joining our great republic. Such a distinction would have been a honour, yet they spit in our faces and call us dogs. If only they'd laid down their arms, we may have avoided generations of bloodshed.
For The End, Is Our Glory

Vol 2[]

"...and Legate Thea Maro became a visionary, living up to and perhaps surpassing her great grandfather's legacy. Naysayers claimed that Warden inner defenses were impenetrable, but our glorious commander proved them wrong with nothing but brilliant strategies and radical tactics. It wasn't long before she would be awarded a seat on the high council representing Veli. Being the purebread soldier that she is, Maro refused, opting instead to remain on the battlefield. Our great nation is blessed to have such a dedicated and capable commander leading the Colonial Legions toward inevitable victory."

Vol 8[]

...and they still look to the past, to when Callahan united their people. If he was so great, and if their wealth so vast... well, their 'wondrous' Bulwark certainly wasn't up to the task, and now..." The rest of the pages are mouldy and illegible.

Vol 12[]

"...the people of the north are so arrogant, they even name cities after themselves. Just look how much they spend on paltry trifles like tacky statues and lifeless paintings.
They're blind to our world. Will they even see us when the Colonial Legion storm their walls like thunder. For so long, they've looked down on us, but we'll be the ones standing tall.
All they'll see is the dirt we shovel over their eyes."

Vehicles and Weapons[]

H5 Hatchet[]

Late into the Great Wars, the Colonials were not able to make much forward progress, as their armoured forces struggled with the terrain north of the Deadlands. Having failed in a campaign near Whedon's Row, a young, talented engineer from the industrialized western city-state of Dimiourg developed the H-class light tank.
The H5, or "Hatchet" (as it's been lovingly dubbed by the Legion) is a versatile light tank capable of navigating through tight mountainous regions or urban streets. Unlike earlier H-class tanks used prior to the Boreal Wars, the Hatchet's design needed to be streamlined due to dwindling resources. As a result, it can now accommodate a 3 person crew and can reach slightly higher speeds. This makes the Hatchet a perfect tool in a first recon operation or in the advance guard of an assault

Devitt Mark III[]

Based on one of the first mechanized vehicles ever commissioned for war, The Devitt series of light tanks were a refinement and a repurposing built to adapt to changing battle conditions. To the north of River Mercy in Mooring County, a new design went into development shortly after the Breaching. With its enchanced resistance to ballistics and increased maneuverability for its crew, the Devitt allowed the Wardens to keep pace with the Colonials, who at the time were far more efficient.
Even with these advantages, the earliest models of the Devitt were masterful examples of care and craftsmanship. These armored vehicles may have been works of art, but they were very time-consuming and expensive to develop. The Mark III was designed to increase efficiency and lower production costs. During this time, the Wardens began recycling their decommissioned vehicles by melting them back down to raw materials. This updated design allowed for easier manufacturing and fitting of recycled parts; this meant more Devitts could be sent out to the field. Whether it's on the front line, protecting a convoy, or leading a border assault, the Devitt is a sturdy and reliable asset.

Storm Rifle[]

A selective fire rifle that supports both semi-automatic and fully automatic modes, giving it the close quarters effectiveness of a Submachine Gun and the range of a Carbine. However, this flexibility comes at a cost as the Storm Rifle is expensive, heavy, and suffers from high recoil.
Developed at the height of the Great Wars, the Storm Rifle was considered by many the most advanced rifle of the era. While the versatility of the weapon allowed soldiers to adapt to changing battlefield conditions, it was deemed too bulky and difficult to maintain for regular use. As resources dwindled during the later decates of the hundred year conflict, production was halted on the Storm Rifle and they became a rarity in the field.

Landing A.P.C[]

The multipurpose Landing A.P.C. is an amphibious warfare vehicle designed to transport infantry across both land and sea. This is an all terrain carrier that can hold up to eight soldiers and has a moderate amount of storage space. Capable of resisting small arms and explosives, this vehicle is effective at ferrying troops into combat zones at the front line.
An earlier model of the Landing A.P.C. was instrumental for the Colonials in taking Fisherman's Row and the beach landings of Farranac Coast. This particular vehicle has been iterated on many times throughout the years since the Great Wars, with variations coming from both Warden and Colonial engineers. If there's water to cross, the Landing A.P.C. is invaluable in strategic manuevering or running soldiers and supplies offshore.

Siege Tank[]

A relatively recent addition to the Colonial arsenal, the HC-7 or "Ballista is a specialized tank fitted with a front-facing mortar cannon designed to level structures with ease. Built on the bones of the smaller but proven H-series chassis, the HC series of tanks brings improved armour, more reliable treads along with the formidable 250mm short-barrelled Hades mortar.
The team behind the ballista operated out of the Velian capital of Damokratos. This intrepid young crew apprenticed under the engineers responsible for the L-series or "Lance" battle tank, earning invaluable experience. One intrepid mechanic by the name of Dell'oro Ricci noted the H-series' inability to directly tackle defensive structures and would often fall behind or suffer significant damage, thus identifying a gap in the Colonial arsenal.
The Ballista has since become a staple in the Legion's feared armour division and -living up to its namesake- lays siege to our enemies before the know what hit them.[26]


The Battle of Red River[]

Two hundred years before the onset of the Great Wars, a civil war sundered the country of Veli. Caught between the Meseans of the south and the northern Caoivish, an ideological rift threatened the fabric of unity.
As the first stones of the Bulwark - a coast-to-coast wall built as a response to ongoing tensions with the south - were set, many Velians feared what it might mean to be cut off from northern aid. Other were dismayed by the prospect of increasing Mesean occupation.
Now, after fifteen years of bloody conflict, the hands of Veli make on final stand at the apex of the Red River against encroaching Republican Colonial Forces. The Battle of Red River would have a monumental impact on the centuries to follow.
Will there be a glimmer of peace or generations of violence?

Supply Report in Colonial Home Island[]

Resources from offshore states are dwindling, yet our local farms and trades are booming, despite working amidst combat. It's possible, at this juncture, that they are being harassed by Warden partisan forces.
We know they haven't the manpower to defend. I suggest requisitioning twice the usual volume and pressure these outliers back into the fold. Send men out to patrol. We'll need these supplies if we intend to continue our push on the mainland.


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  22. Journal of a Grieving Highlander - Found east of Westgate Keep
    Journal of a Grieving Highlander.png
  23. Colonial Scout report as found on the Foxhole Official Discord.
  24. H5 Hatchet Lore
    H5 hatchet lore.png
  25. Devitt Mark III lore
    Devitt mark III lore.png
  26. Lore Text as released in the dev stream.
    Devstream 86 Slides-21.png
  27. Supply Report - Colonial Home Island
    Supply Report.png