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This page lists and describes names that aren't found elsewhere on the wiki, or are only briefly mentioned on other pages and should be expanded on. Locations within each World Region should be listed within their respective region. Some characters can be found at Lore#Characters. If a name gains enough content to justify its own page, it should be removed from here first.



A region consisting of most of the playable, game world. It mostly consists of the Warden's homeland. Adjective: Caoivish. See Maps.


The Velian Capital. See Lance-36 Lore.


One of the two Colonial nations, along with #Veli. Adjective: Mesean. See Letter from a Legless Mesean and Deserter's Journal.


A nation North of most of #Caoiva, and possibly allianced with the Wardens. Adjective: Nevish. See A Chronicle of Ashes, and Nicnevin Paratrooper Note.


One of the two Colonial nations, along with #Mesea. Located just South of the game world. Adjective: Velian. See Great March's In-game description, and Deserter's Journal

Whedon's Row[]

See Whedon's Row in the North East

The current Warden Capital, in the North East. See H5 Hatchet Lore, Whedon's Row Radio Transcript, and Warden Scout.

Older maps shows Whedon's Row on a peninsula to the North East. You can find the same peninsula on the modern map.