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A client hotfix has rolled out to prevent Pillboxes from being built since they currently aren't working properly in several cases, resulting in wasted resources. This to prevent players from accidently building them. The hotfix will roll out over the next day or so to all players.
Markfoot - July 17th (hotfix

An entrenched machine gun emplacement. Limited firing arc.
In-game description

A dugout covered with wooden slats, the Light Pillbox plays an important role in early-game defensive building layouts. It is armed with a machine gun that provides solid suppressive fire against enemy infantry. A builder must consider where they place the Light Pillbox, as it only fires in a frontal arc approximately 115 degrees. If a player chooses to take cover inside, they may only fire their weapon in that same frontal arc.

Like other static defensive structures, the Light Pillbox needs to be within 80m of a Forward Base or 150m of a Static Base (with AI upgrade activated) for it to fire on its own.

The Light Pillbox can be upgraded to the Pillbox, vastly increasing its health and resilience to small arms fire.

Builder Tips[]

  • They have more HP than Foxholes.
  • They are considerably more resilient to decay than Foxholes, making them a good long-term defense.
  • Mind the placement! Remember, they only fire in a frontal arc!


Light Pillbox.png