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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

A titanic light machine gun capable of scattering infantry lines with ease, the Catara is a modern weapon for the modern colonial.
In-game description

The Catara mo.II is a colonial Light Machine Gun (LMG for short)


The Catara LMG is an infantry weapon that fires 12.7mm with a high rate of fire and high damage output. It has an effective range comparable to rifles. It is unable to get pinpoint accuracy, making it more suited for suppression and dealing with closer targets than precision shots. It deals the same damage as the colonial KRN886-127 Gast Machine Gun and can damage weak defenses (Rifle Pillboxes, watch towers). Wielding it slows your movement but it can be fired even when standing.

The Soldier Uniform reduces the Catara's Encumbrance by 25%.

When wielded, the gun reduces your movement speed by 15%, similar to Assault Rifles.


Light Machine Guns are all produced in a Factory or Mass Production Factory.


Since the gun slows you down when wielded, it can be advantageous to switch to your secondary weapon when you want to move. The gun can deal meaningful damage at up to 35m, giving it an edge over regular rifles.

It is the only weapon using 12.7mm that can be used on an undeployed Barge.


  • Prior to the introduction of faction specific small arms in Update 0.42 the catara was also used by the wardens, and was referred to simply as an "LMG". This version of the weapon used 7.92mm ammunition, feature it retained until update 0.44.