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Large Items are special items that behaves differently than other items.


Large Items refer to every item that is so heavy it must be carried on the Player's shoulder. A dedicated shoulder slot exist in the soldier's inventory.

When carried the large item can be physically seen on the player model. It also prevents the player from using his primary, secondary, or tertiary equipment. Attempting to use those equipment will automatically drop the large item to the ground.

Attempting to swim will also force you to drop the large item

When dropped, the large item isn't bundled like other items in a dropped items box on the ground. It has its own unique physical model when laying on the ground.

The game has a dedicated key (default: V) to pick up on the ground, drop, or submit large items. And another key (default: Shift + V) to force drop them .

Large items can be submitted to the inventory of structures via a dedicated key (default: V).

The menu of certain vehicles and structure also has a specific button to submit large items BtSubmitHeavyItem.png .

List of large items[]