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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

A heavily armoured vessel, the Basset Motor Society's White Whale-class troop transports can deploy on faraway beaches to function as a permanent forward operating base.
In-game description

The Landing Ship (LS) is a large vehicle built at the Shipyard. It requires Diesel or Petrol to drive. The Landing Ship is able to deploy (default key F) on beaches to permanently become a Forward Base and appear as MapIconTroopShip.png on the map intel. Players can also respawn at the Landing Ship provided it has Soldier Supplies. Cranes and Construction Vehicles can be built within its vicinity.

Base Upgrades[]

  • Provisional Garrison
    • Requires 10 players set spawn to activate and maintain, connects the base to nearby defensive structures in 100m radius.
  • Faster pull speed, landing ships pull items out of bases faster than normal, and items are pulled out of deployed landing ships faster than normal.


  • Once the landing ship is deployed on a beach head, it can not be redeployed back into the water onto another beach head. Make sure you choose your shoreline accordingly.
  • It is recommended to have >10 players travel along the landing ship in barges, and set spawn immediately after deploying.
  • Landing Ships are required to facilitate a sustained coastal invasions into enemy territory.
  • When undeployed, Landing Ships are susceptible to Sticky Bombs and AT Rifles.
  • When deployed, Landing Ships considered a structure, as such it should be attacked with anti-structure weapons rather than anti-vehicle.
  • Clear the area in front of the LS before deploying, the ramp can crush anyone who stand too close.
  • The Landing Ship's full name is "BMS - White Whale".


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