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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A heavily armoured vessel, the Basset Motor Society's White Whale-class troop transports can deploy on faraway beaches to function as a permanent forward operating base.
In-game description

A large ship that can deploy on beaches to permanently become a Forward Base.


The Landing Ship ("BMS - White Whale") is a large armoured ship with an item stockpile where large amounts of items can be stored. The driver can deploy the ship onto a beach by pressing F. Once deployed the ship permanently becomes a Forward Base. Landing Ships are required to facilitate a sustained coastal invasions into enemy territory. It has the same speed as a Freighter and a unique horn (LMB).


It is built at a Shipyard using a hammer and Refined Materials.


It is the only vehicle to have an item stockpile, similar to a base. Crates submitted are destroyed and their content dumped in the stockpile. Those items cannot be retrieved until the landing ship is deployed. The item amount limit is the same as a base. The Landing ships can pull crates from Seaports, at a rate faster than normal. Players on foot can submit crates to the landing ship (just like a base), however vehicles cannot interact with the undeployed ship to directly submit crates. Once deployed, items can be pulled faster than at other bases.

Ship Deployment[]

The landing ship can only be deployed onto a beach and perpendicular to it (minimum 60° angle). It's deployed from the driver seat by pressing F. The deployment takes 10 seconds during which you can press F to cancel it. Once deployed the ship permanently becomes a forward operating base and appears as MapIconTroopShip.png on the map intel. Upon deployment the driver is moved on the newly lowered ramp.

Deployed Ship Base[]

The deployed landing ship is no longer a ship but a base in all aspects. It has no driver seat and can't be undeployed. It no longer takes damage from sticky bombs but is more vulnerable to anti-structure weaponry just like any other structure. Players can set their spawn to it and respawn here if the ship has Soldier Supplies left. It also acts as a "Home Base" spawn point: players can deploy to the ship from the Home Region (as long as it has a positive Garrison Size) and Cranes and Construction Vehicles can be built in its vicinity. It also means players can have one spawn set at a deployed landing ship and another at an Encampment or Bunker Base.

Base Upgrades[]

Once deployed the ship becomes a forward base. It only has one base upgrade available just like Border Bases. That upgrade is instantly unlocked when the ship is deployed.

Image Name Description
"BASE" Tree
IconUpgradesProvisionalGarrison.png Provisional Garrison Connects the base to nearby defensive structures (100m radius). Defensive structures will deactivate if player activity is too low (fewer than 10 player spawns assigned to the base).

Deployment Tactic[]

Deploying the ship can't be undone so choose your shoreline carefully. However you can cancel the deployment action if it's not finished by moving the ship or pressing F again.

The landing ship has no way of defending itself and only one driver seat, it is vulnerable to enemy Barges with multiple soldiers throwing Gas Grenades or Anti-Tank Sticky Bombs. The driver should wear a gas mask with many filters and be accompanied by friendly barges to defend the landing ship.

The barges full of friendly soldiers are also needed so you have plenty of players to set their spawn at the deployed landing ship. This is necessary to quickly build up the ship base's Garrison Activity and Garrison Size so that more players can quickly deploy to the ship from the Home Region. It's also needed so the base has enough players with their spawn set here to activate the AI of your defenses.

Always remind the soldiers accompanying the ship to immediately set their spawn after the landing ship deploys. If they forget they will have nowhere to respawn once they die and be forced to go to the home region.

Clear the area in front of the LS before deploying, the ramp can crush anyone who stand too close.

After the deployment, make sure to defend your landing ship's rear from barge attacks with heavy explosive grenades.


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