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Built on the bones of the first automatic weapons introduced to the Legion, the “Lamentum” mm.IV is still quite an intimidating force to encounter on the battlefield. Boasting a large magazine and impressive active range, this mounted machinegun excels at laying down consistent suppressive fire.
In-game description

A Tripod Mounted Machinegun for the colonial faction. It fires 12.7mm.


The Lamentum mm.IV machinegun has a high-velocity barrel that deal 50% more damage than normal 12.7mm Machine Guns.

The machinegun excels against infantry due to its damage, accuracy, range, fire rate, and magazine size. Its main counters are Sniper Rifles, Mortars, and Artillery. Due to its fixed firing arc the gun is also susceptible to flanking.


  • Use prepared in advance tripod positions.
  • A Motorcycle can be used to quickly transport the tripod and gun while you carry the ammo in your backpack.

Historical Reference[]

The Lamentum mm.IV is based on the Maxim Gun, one of the most widely used machine guns designs in history and more distinctive from its lighter variants due to the water-cooled barrel. It mostly resembles the MG-08.