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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.46) of the game. It was last updated for 0.45.

This small tank has been recently recommissioned to the Warden arsenal. It boasts high maneuverability and an antenna that allows for long-range communications during high-stakes recon operations.
In-game description

The King Spire MK-I is a Scout Tank, a warden mid-game armored combat vehicle, armed with a 12.7mm machine gun turret.


The King Spire is effective at dispatching infantry, light structures, and light vehicles. It requires a crew of 2 to operate. The Scout Tank's improved armor and commander slot gives it a significant advantage over contemporary Armored Cars and Half-tracks. The King Spire has the unique function of having a built-in antennae, allowing it to transmit intel to friendly lines even while mobile.

The machine gun is a mounted version of the Malone MK.2 Machine Gun. It has the same statistics as the infantry version except its effective range is 36m (from the gunner's position) and its maximum range is 41m. Its accuracy is pretty good although not pin-point accurate, but sustained fire quickly makes it lose that accuracy. This limitation incentives the gunner to fire in relatively short bursts.

Its design appears to be based on the Italian L6/40 light tank.

Crew Roles[]


The driver has control of the King Spire's movements. They have the important job of positioning the tank to execute it's role faithfully and outmanoeuvre enemy weapons that could damage or destroy the vehicle. The driver is the only crew member who can track the fuel of the tank, and should monitor this to prevent the tank running out mid-combat.


In the King Spire, the commander is the gunner and controls the Scout Tank's Malone MK.2 Machine Gun turret. With a 360° firing arc, the gunner can hit most targets within 40 meters, as long as they are able to spot them. Press E to toggle the cupola hatch.

The commander serves a multitude of functions in the King Spire. As the only crew member who can come out of the cupola, they can use binoculars to spot enemies from a distance and use their secondary weapon. Arguably, the commander should be the most experienced member of the crew, to both deliver driving instructions to the driver and fire the gun.