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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

A Kraunian rifle modified for long-range engagements. It doesn’t have the range or stopping power of other marksman rifles but more than makes up for it with unmatched reliability in a range of environments and a superior effective rate of fire.
In-game description

The KRR3-792 Auger is a slow firing Colonial Sniper Rifle that sometimes downs its target in one shot.


This sniper rifle stabilizes faster than its Warden counterpart but still nowhere near conventional Rifles. It is lighter and possesses a larger magazine but a shorter range and it doesn't down its target in one shot in the majority of cases. Although its theoretical fire rate is 0.5 rounds/s, you need to wait for your accuracy to recover between shots to be effective. In practice the maximum effective fire rate is around 0.3 rounds/s (3.3 seconds between shots), which is 50% more than the Clancy-Raca M4.


With its long range, the gun is the best to kill enemy machinegunners with ease and impunity (during the day at least). Tank commanders also make good targets if you manage to stay hidden. Due to the gun's weight and very slow stabilisation, you'll absolutely need to find a very stable firing position, preferably on elevated terrain and behind cover.

Due to the expensiveness of its ammo, you should avoid taking shots that might miss.

Historical Reference[]

This rifle bears some resemblance to a M1903A4 Springfield Rifle with a USMC Unertl style scope.