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An older but reliable model of Kraunian long rifle. The Omen is a sturdy, simple weapon best used in long-distance skirmishes.
In-game description

The KRR2-790 Omen is a Colonial Long Rifle.


The Omen is a long rifle, an alternative to the colonial's standard issue rifle, the Argenti r.II. While the Argenti sports a much higher rate of fire, lighter weight and a larger magazine, the Omen is geared more towards long-range combat, with a noticeably improved effective range and a tighter maximum accuracy. Both weapons use the same ammo and deal the same damage per-shot, however. It can use a bayonet.


The Omen gives the colonials a means to compete with the No.2 Loughcaster in open range fire fights. The two weapons are very similar in stats, although the Loughcaster has a noticeably faster rate of fire and its status as a standard rifle means it's usually more available.

Players who prefer to engage at longer ranges and have the patience to wait for their aim to settle will get the most use out of the Omen.


  • The Omen is visually similar to the KRR3-792 Auger, possessing a similar bolt and magazine and suggesting a shared development history. Strangeley, the Omen appears to have a longer barrel than the Auger despite the Auger having superior range.
  • The rifle seems to be based on the early patterns of Lee-Enfield "Long Lee" British service rifle or possibly its predecessor, the Lee-Metford Rifle.