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A high-tech listening post designed to intercept and decode enemy transmissions. The intelligence Center can target distant locations and will continue to decipher sensitive transmissions over a sustained period.
In-game description

The Intelligence Center is a Bunker modification which allows Factions to intercept enemy intelligence transmissions, listening in to the intelligence their Watch Towers and other structures produce.


The Intelligence Center is a player controlled listening array, which has a range of 500 to 2000 meters.

Similar to the Storm Cannon, it can only be built on the center of a 3 by 3 Tier 3 Bunker complex.

It costs 250 Concrete Materials to build and must dry off before it can be used.

To use the intelligence center, it needs to charge energy, which is done by connecting Engine Rooms to it with pipes. It requires at least 12 connected Engine rooms to operate optimally as it can accept a maximum of 35,000 Watts of power. Engine Rooms supply power to the power reserve pool when fueled with Diesel. It uses stored power to "fire", each use requires 35% power, and will steal intelligence from watchtowers, observation towers, and observation bunkers in 120(?) meter radius at the point its aimed. This lasts for 15 minutes, during which its aim cannot be adjusted. It requires 1.8% power to adjust its aim by 1 degree. A single Engine Room recharges 1% of the Center's power in 24 minutes.

During a scanning operation, the intelligence center will emit ambient audio which can be heard from a distance of at least 50m. It will also emit a sound when the scanning operation is finished.

The power costs can be reduced by installing (at a maximum of 20) Infrastructure Modifications which specifically reduce its power requirements to fire and turn.

It can be squadlocked by a squad with at least 5 players in the region.

It is immune to friendly fire.

Construction Requirements[]

The Intelligence Center can only be built on the center piece of a 3 by 3 Tier 3 Bunker complex with the following requirements:

Structure Integrity Rating[]

The Intelligence Center modification greatly decreases the Structural Integrity of its bunker.