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Inner Haven is a book series existing within the game. They are a part of the world building, giving insight in the history of the region. There are presumably 12 volumes.


The books are scattered across the world. They can be found in locations not commonly visited by players, like a lonely pier or the middle of a field. The books can be read by pressing E (default) when the prompt appears.

The books appear to form a single story, or each stories appear to be stretched over multiple volumes. This can be noticed by some text starting or ending with ellipses, as well volumes 1 and 2 seemingly flow over smoothly and mid sentence. So far, only 4 of the 12 books have been found: 1, 2, 8 and 12.

The books are (at least partly) written by a pro-colonial author. This can be concluded from the use of "us" when implying the Colonial army. Beside the praise for the Colonial achievements, the derogatory attitude towards things associated with Wardens is noticeable; examples are in Volume 8 ("...their 'wondrous' Bulwark...") and 12 ("...the people of the north are so arrogant,...", "They're blind to the world they live in...").


  • Vol 1. of Inner Haven[1] - "While Legate Silas Maro was the first to walk the crumbled remains of the Bulwark following the Warden army's cowardly attack, it was his descendent, Thea Maro who led our Legions through the hostile north. She was groomed from birth to be a expert soldier and tactician. Thea exercised swift and decisive leadership, allowing us to stab at the heart of Wardens. They only needed to lay down their arms to avoid generations of bloodshed. Instead, after Sun's Haven had fallen, their forces quickly retreated to the mountainous north and licked their wounds..."
  • Vol 2. of Inner Haven - "...and Legate Thea Maro became a visionary, living up to and perhaps surpassing her great grandfather's legacy. Naysayers claimed that Warden inner defenses were impenetrable, but our glorious commander proved them wrong with nothing but brilliant strategies and radical tactics. It wasn't long before she would be awarded a seat on the high council representing Veli. Being the purebread soldier that she is, Maro refused, opting instead to remain on the battlefield. Our great nation is blessed to have such a dedicated and capable commander leading the Colonial Legions toward inevitable victory."
  • Volumes 3 to 7 are missing thus far.
  • Vol 8. of Inner Haven[2] - "...and they still look to the past, to when Callahan lead their people. If he was so great, and if their wealth so vast... well, let's just say their 'wondrous' Bulwark certainly wasn't up to the task, and now..." The rest of the pages are mouldy and illegible.
  • Volumes 9 to 11 are missing thus far.
  • Vol 12. of Inner Haven[3] - "...the people of the north are so arrogant, they even name their cities after themselves. Just look how much they spend so much on paltry things like statues and paintings. They're blind to the world they live in and so they don't realise the Colonial Legion will storm their walls like thunder. They can try to look down on us, but we'll be the ones standing above them, and all they'll see is the ground."


  1. Inner Haven Volume 1 - Fishermans Row (?)
    Inner Haven Vol 1.jpg
  2. Inner Haven Volume 8 - Umbral Wildwood
    Inner Haven.jpg
  3. Inner Haven Volume 12 - Upper Heartlands (Placeholder)