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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

This single-use rocket can be fired a short distance. Designed to punch holes into tanks, the Ignifist is the perfect tool for infantry anticipating armoured resistance.
In-game description

A colonial single-use Anti-Tank RPG.


The Ignifist 30 is a single-use Anti-Tank RPG for the colonial faction. As a disposable single-shot weapon, it does not require any ammunition. The Ignifist has the shortest maximum range of any RPG (18m). Unlike other consumable weapons, such as grenades, it does not auto equip a replacement launcher even if you have another in your inventory. It is meant to be used on armored vehicles but it can also deal mediocre damage against structures if need be. It deals less damage and has a smaller chance to penetrate armor than the heavier AP⧸RPG. Unlike other RPG launchers it uses the third equipment slot.

Like every other RPG Launchers and Anti-Tank RPGs, the Ignifist slows you down when equipped (on top of the encumbrance slowdown). It is recommended to move with your primary or secondary equipped and to only draw the Ignifist just before use. The Ignifist's relative light weight (for a RPG launcher) allows you to carry 4 without being overencumbered.

It is one of the few AT weapons not to require Refined Materials.


RPG Launcher aim behaves like firearms, your actual aim point hovers at a fixed height above your cursor when placed on a flat surface. However the projectile fired is affected by gravity and follows a slightly curved downward trajectory which is represented by the white aim line. The RPG launchers are perfectly accurate (no crosshair) and will explode exactly where the white aim line becomes red. If the projectile reaches the launcher's max range it automatically explodes in the air.

To make use of the maximum range of the RPG launcher you must often aim at a high point rather than at the ground. However, given the Ignifist's short maximum range the difference is minimal (about 1m) so you don't have to worry too much about maximizing your range.


The ignifist's unique use of the third equipment slot allows its user to carry a primary weapon for self-defense. As such the ignifist can be used by regular infantry, as opposed to heavier Anti-Tank RPGs, which normally require a loadout dedicated to the launcher and its ammo. While it's range and damage are inferior to other Anti-Tank RPGs the Ignifist is perhaps better compared to the Anti-Tank Sticky Bomb, which is also equipped in the player's third equipment slot - in addition to having roughly three times the effective range of the sticky grenade, the Ignifist can also be used effectively against structures making it both easier to use and more utilitarian. It is especially devastating at night against armored vehicles, where its short range is less of a hindrance.


  • In latin "igni" translates to "ignite"
  • The design and icon for the Ignifist 30 appear to be based off the German Panzerfaust series of anti-tank launchers.