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The Howitzer Garrison is a modification of a Bunker. It fields a large howitzer, which will only return fire when hit by an enemy explosive (e.g. a HE, rocket, or tank shell hitting).

When triggered, the howitzer garrison will fire a howitzer-like shell over 400m range. It takes about 2~3 seconds to return fire. It will impact like a howitzer shell, with the whining incoming noise. When a bunker has multiple guns, they will all fire simultaneously. They will fire until the target is out of range or when the target is destroyed. They have a fire arc of 120 degrees.

Construction Requirements

Howitzer Garrison can be constructed on any Tier 3 Bunker with the following requirements:

  • Not adjacent to another bunker modification
  • Connected to a Bunker Base through trenches or bunkers
  • Bunker Base must have unlocked the Howitzer Garrison and Concrete tech


  • Howitzer Garrison can shoot other Howitzer Garrisons in response of being hit by a shell.
  • Are not affected by smoke grenades, requiring ground to ground fighting to destroy.

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