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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

An entrenched Howitzer manned by stationed troops.
In-game description

The Howitzer Garrison is an automated defensive artillery Bunker Garrison.


It is a modification of a Bunker. It fields a large 120mm howitzer, which will only return fire when hit by an enemy projectile dealing High Explosive damage (e.g. Artillery or Mortar). It only functions when its AI is activated (large flag on the turret) by being within the range of a base with AI Upgrade.

When triggered, the howitzer garrison will fire 120mm shells over 400m range. It takes about 2~3 seconds to start returning fire then keeps firing at a default rate of once every 10 seconds. It will impact like a 120mm shell, with the whining incoming noise. When a bunker has multiple guns, they will all fire simultaneously. They will fire until the target is out of range or when the target is destroyed. They have a fire arc of 120 degrees. The gun is inaccurate and shells randomly land in a 25m radius.

The shell fired by Howitzer Garrisons deals 25% more damage than standard 120mm (500 vs 400 damage), the explosion deals the full damage in a 4m radius and decreasing amount until 25m radius.

The field of view of the howitzer must be unobstructed for it to fire. It won't fire if placed near and facing a tall mountain for example.

It doesn't return fire when hit by enemy Howitzer Garrisons.


Howitzer Garrison can be constructed on any Tier 3 Bunker with the following requirements:

  • Not adjacent to another bunker modification
  • Connected to a Bunker Base through trenches or bunkers
  • Bunker Base must have unlocked the Howitzer Garrison and Concrete tech

Structure Integrity Rating[]

The Howitzer Garrison modification significantly decrease the Structural Integrity of its bunker, even with tier 3.

Infrastructure Bonus[]

The fire rate of the gun can be increased by adding certain "Garrison" type Infrastructure Modifications IconInfrastructureGarrison.png to the connected Bunker Base network (2% increase per infrastructure, up to 40% increase).


  • Are not affected by smoke grenades, requiring ground to ground fighting to destroy.