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Long range indirect fire artillery that uses explosives shells.
In-game description

The howitzer is a defensive long range static artillery emplacement that can provide heavy suppressive fire against advancing enemy infantry. The howitzer lacks the accuracy of the Field Artillery - it is so inaccurate that it will frequently miss even Static Bases when correctly aimed - and seems to do much less damage to most structures. It also has a 360 degree field of fire and a 75-150 meter range. It fires 120mm Shells, and each of them requires a separate slot in inventory.

To use a howitzer enter it by pressing Q, reload with R, rotate the cannon and aim with RMB, adjust distance with Mouse Wheel, and fire with LMB. You can spot with binoculars from the howitzer's little platform after exiting the howitzer.

The howitzer must be built with a Construction Vehicle for 150 Basic Materials.

The howitzer works better with one operator and one spotter to utilize its maximum range.

The Howitzer is a pretty vulnerable structure. It takes damage from heavy machine guns and can be destroyed with just 3 HE grenades.

Ammunition - Shell Types[]

  • 120mm Shell
    • High explosive shell used in the Howitzer
  • 120mm Smoke Shell SMK Icon.png (Smoke effect GIF)
    • A shell that emits a thick cloud of smoke that lingers for a prolonged period, providing cover for massive infantry pushes. The impact also unleaches a barrage of shrapnel to nearby infantry.

Tips & Strategy[]

Firstly scout ahead and find a potential spot for building. Build a walled "room", so that it can't be rushed or captured by the enemy. 150m for static targets, 120m for shelling infantry and other mobile targets (doesn't require calculating). Unload shells with a truck, it's faster, mind that excess unloaded shells appear under the truck. If you are shelling enemy Base, then try to unload it all at once, so there'd be less time for repairing.

Spotter can lay in a bush (good for surviving) or garrisoned (good for calculating, as Dist/Azim to friendly howitzer is constant). View distance from higher ground is better. Spotters should remember to calculate distance if you're separated from the howitzer.If stood in front of the howitzer It is recommended to stay in line with the guns barrel and calculate the distance from the howitzer to your position, then adding the distance to the target.

Howitzer's do minimal damage to forts (2% give or take) and as such should be focused on attacking defensive items instead or the spawn area of such.

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