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Release Date: June 18, 2018

Release Notes

  • Players now receive a warning notification when a Cargo Ship is about to deploy
  • Tunnel Networks are no longer difficult to build from certain angles
  • Players no longer unequip their weapons when walking into shallow waters
  • Trucks and Light Tanks no longer get stuck when driving down a Barge ramp (though this still happens in some extreme edge cases)
  • Fixed landscape issues in Oarbreaker Isles, Westgate, Farranac Coast, and Mooring County that hindered amphibious landings
  • Players no longer drop below the landscape when spawning at a Forward Base that is partially embedded in the landscape
  • Small beach rocks no longer prevent build ghost placement
  • "Build Rocket" button no longer appears when using some structures
  • Player input no longer gets stuck when getting queued while border travelling
  • CVs build ghost placement is no longer blocked near Cargo Ships on some shores

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