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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

The Hospital is a medical facility for converting Critically Wounded Soldiers into Soldier Supplies. Critically Wounded Soldiers can be submitted to the Hospital as patients. When patients are submitted, they are allotted a bed which allows them to recover over time. Once the recovery process is complete, Soldier Supplies are generated and added to the Hospital's inventory. Each type of Hospital has a limited number of beds meaning there is an upper limit on the total number of simultaneously recovering patients.
In-game description

The Hospital is a static world structure where Critically Wounded Soldiers (CWS) can be converted into Soldier Supplies.


Hospitals are often found in cities. They are easily recognisable by their large green crosses on the roof. They offer reasonable defensibility, because the have only two accesses and players cannot enter through the windows. They are constructed using a Construction Vehicle.

Their main use is creating new Soldier Supplies from casualties. when a soldier dies, there is a chance their body will convert into a CWS. These can be transported by hand or by using an Ambulance to the hospital, where they can be submitted to the inventory. After a while, they will turn into 6 Soldier Supplies each. The Hospital offers beds for 50 soldiers which is over 8 times as many as the Field Hospital.

Despite being a hospital, the structure doesn't offer any way to heal a soldier's injuries.


As a player you can use these buttons to interact with the structure.

BtSubmitHeavyItem.png Submit Large Item[]

Submits a Critically Wounded Soldier into the building inventory.

BtSubmitPatient.png Submit Patient[]

Submit a Critically Wounded Soldier from this structure's inventory into a Hospital bed. Patients can only be submitted if there is a bed available.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Careful not to confuse Critically Wounded Soldiers and Wounded Players, both can be carried on your shoulders but the latter has none of the uses of the former.
  • There is an unusable Hospital in Abandoned Ward which was added prior to Hospitals being introduced to the game.
  • Hospitals, like other medical structures and vehicles in Foxhole, use a green cross instead of a red one. The reason for this is because the use of red crosses are restricted in use under the Geneva Convention.