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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.46) of the game. It was last updated for 0.45.

The Home Region acts as a central hub for all players on one faction, it is where players deploy to the war from. It is periodically reset to its default state every couple of hours or so, giving a 10 minute warning when doing so.

Spawn & Deployment

In the deployment area, which can be found on the map where the MapIconSkirmishC.png or MapIconSkirmishW.png icons are, players are able to join the World Conquest or fight in the Resistance Phase. Outside of the map, you can follow painted signs as well as arrows to get to these locations. When in a deployment area, go to the structure and press E to access the deployment map. This will show a large amount of flashing diamonds on the map, where if you click you will spawn in that location. The faster the diamond is flashing the more player activity there.

War Tent

This tent allows players to view the entire map of the World Conquest. At the initial viewing, it shows an overview of the world's regions, only showing faction control. Zooming in however allows players to view their Faction's Map Intelligence, viewing the locations of Soldiers as well as Structures. The map shown in the war tent does not show supply data from Stockpiles as a measure to prevent spying.

Training Courses

The home island contains a series of basic training courses for new players to learn some of the basics of the game. The locations of these training courses are marked with a MapIconsTrainingGround.png icon on the map.

Basic Training

This training course is designed to explain to new players the very basics of movement and combat in the game. There is an obstacle course section that teaches the different controls, before moving into the combat section. This will teach players the basics of using Weapons, as well as things like stability.

Logistics Training

The Logistics Training course is located at the end of the Basic Training course and exists to teach players the basics of the logistics system. It contains a single Salvage Field as well as a Factory, Construction Yard, Refinery and Storage Depot. Within this area Cranes, Harvesters and Flatbed Trucks spawn.

Resource Training

The Resource Training area is attached to one side of the Logistics Training, and contains one of each Resource Mine, as well as a Salvage Field, Component Field, Sulfur Field and a Oil Well.

Vehicle Training

The Vehicle Training area has three sections. The first section, closest to the entrance, consists of a large parking area with a Garage. Any vehicle that has been unlocked by your faction is available to be built here. Next to the Garage is a box which spawns materials to use for this. The second section is a set of three short obstacle courses to teach players how to handle vehicles. Beyond the obstacle courses is the Driving Course, a long windy course to teach further vehicle handling. Basic Trucks spawn at the start of this course.

Artillery Training

Beyond the Vehicle Training course is the Artillery Range. The artillery range has a variety of Mortars, Light Artillery and Heavy Artillery as well as targets to aim at. This training course is to help players learn how to aim and fire artillery, and provides players with Binoculars as well as an infinite supply of shells.

Watercraft Training

The Watercraft Training is a dock where all water vehicles your faction has will spawn to be test driven. This includes Landing APCs, Barges and Landing Ships. Fuel is provided, but ammunition is not provided.

Trench Training

The Trench Training area is a large flat segment of land on the training island. It spawns Shovels and Basic Materials for players to use exploring how trenches are constructed.


This stone work of art serves as a trophy to show how well a faction played in the previous war.

The 2 different Monuments:


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