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Built in response to the ongoing use of the Cursed in military skirmishes, the Scourge Hunter class Quadruped Mechanized Walker is equipped with a quad-barrelled rocket launcher, accompanied by a specially designed quad-barrel machine gun.
In-game description

The Herne QMW 1a Scourge Hunter is a Warden Mechanized Utility Vehicle which is only usable during the Dead Harvest event. It has a Quad-R.P.G. launcher on the top of the Vehicle that serves as its main weapon, and a Quad-12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun on the underside of the vehicle, between its front legs. The Scourge Hunter is designed to use these armaments to combat the Undead as well as enemy vehicles that may be supporting their advance. Due to its high fuel consumption, it's a good idea to keep extra fuel on hand.


The Scourge Hunter has 4 crew positions:

  • Driver: Controls the movement of the vehicle.
  • Main Gunner: Controls the Quad-R.P.G. Launcher.
  • Secondary Gunner: Controls the Quad Heavy Machine Gun.
  • Commander: Views the battlefield, is able to use Secondary Weapons from the hatch.