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An armoured landship reinforced with an alloy now lost to time. This nearly indestructible beast carries up to 8 passengers. Whispers of its existence date back to the first breaching.
In-game decription

The Heavy Infantry Carrier (HIC for short) was a relic vehicle. Its initial release was unannounced by the developers and it was first sighted in war 45 of Update 0.32. This vehicle is currently no longer in the game.


It is a large cubic formed tracked vehicle with a roof sloped to its sides. In the middle there is a superstructure with a commanders-hatch-like structure. There are also two 12.7mm Machine Guns in the front two corners of the superstructure, giving coverage to the front half of the vehicle. It appears to be Colonial-like in design.

When the vehicle is destroyed, it leaves a husk that will be repairable into another HIC for the cost of 200 Rmats. However, the husk can also be destroyed, removing the vehicle from the game.

They were very rare and appeared only in a few wars thus far.

Historical Reference[]

This vehicle is likely inspired by British World War I landship designs such as the Mark I- Mark VII tanks or the British-American Mark VIII Design, also known as the "Liberty Tank".


The Heavy Infantry Carrier was not mentioned in patch notes, but was discovered on the 21st of December 2019 and confirmed the same day by developer Markfoot with the warning that players who managed to 'glitch into the vault and enter the vehicle will start the decay timer of the vehicle'. It was obtainable via the Vaults of the hidden armouries for only a few wars.

Although initially appearing on the DevBranch of Update 0.36 as a possible prototype to be researched, it didn't end up making it to the official release.