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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.


A long range heavy artillery cannon Emplacement that uses 150mm shells. Can be placed on the ground or on a Trench Emplacement. Built at the Construction Yard.

Heavy Artillery can be claimed by a squad (button in the menu) preventing anyone not in that squad from packaging and thus moving the artillery. A squad claimed artillery can still be used by everyone however. Prolonged use of heavy artillery on an area will slow transform it into No Man's Land.

It can't be placed on Bridges. However it can be placed within the "no build" zones within 60m of a region border, but it will suffer from fast decay.

Huber Exalt 150mm[]

A heavy cannon designed to shatter the garrisons and fortifications of advancing forces. The Exalt is best utilized when emplaced into a defensive position to take advantage of its impressive range.
In-game description

The warden heavy cannon uses 150mm shells. Its minimum range is 100m and its max range is 300m. It is more sturdy than the colonial variant.

50-500 “Thunderbolt” Cannon[]

This heavy artillery cannon is designed to cripple enemy fortifications from an entrenched position. Its long heavy barrel gives the "Thunderbolt" outstanding range.
In-game description

The colonial heavy cannon uses 150mm shells. Its minimum range is 200m and its max range is 350m, 50m more than the warden Huber Exalt. It has an 8.5s reload speed.