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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.45) of the game.

The Scrap Hauler, designed by the Basset Motor Society is a heavy-duty piece of machinery designed to reduce scrap metal and other materials into usable, raw resources. Scrap Haulers are often used to extract battlefield resources following skirmishes.
In-game description

The Harvester is a logistics Vehicle primarily used for accelerating the process of mining Resource fields, as well as for dismantling various Structures. They have a large(15 slot) inventory, equal to that of a Transport Truck.


The Harvester has seats for a 1 driver/operator and 1 passenger. However, like the Flatbed Truck, the flat area on the rear allows for troop transport of up to 6.

The vehicle has no weaponry, although the front grinder can be used to kill both players and structures and due to its high health and low disable threshold is capable of surviving a small amount of small arms fire. Due to these reasons the Harvester is also a viable choice to replace the Truck and its functions as it has the same amount of inventory space at the cost of slightly slower speed and increased fuel cost.

Can be packaged and transported by a Freighter.

Mining Modes[]

  • Harvest ( LMB) - Harvests Resources and places them in the Harvester's inventory. The harvest speed is roughly 25% faster than using a Sledge Hammer for Salvage, and 4 times faster for Components and Sulfur. When combined with the other benefit of more inventory slots when compared to a Backpack, as well as faster travel times, it is much more efficient. When the inventory is full a notification will display warning you, meaning that you do not have to leave the vehicle at all except to refuel. The Harvester is able to harvest all raw resources (except Crude Oil).
  • Dismantle (LMB) - Gradually dismantles most defensive structures, this works against both friendly and enemy defenses and recycles them into Salvage or Components at a rate of 4:1 of the original resource cost; this is a much cheaper albeit slower alternative to using explosives and ammo to destroy disconnected defenses. When heading to a frontline to dismantle it is recommended to bring a few Diesel cans as they are rare on the frontline.


The Harvester's full name is "BMS Scrap Hauler".


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