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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.45) of the game. It was last updated for 0.37.

Mines Salvage; builds Structures; repairs Vehicles
A tool used to build structures and assemble materials.
In-game description

The Hammer is a multi-purpose basic tool that every fresh spawn starts out with. It can be used to mine Salvage, build and repair structures and vehicles, or upgrade structures. You can toggle between its 'Build/Gather Mode' and 'Upgrade Mode' by pressing F.

The Hammer is NOT a melee weapon, swinging a hammer at players does no damage.

Resource Gathering Tool[]

The hammer can be used to extract Salvage from a salvage field, at a rate slower than a sledgehammer or harvester. Simply hit the salvage nodes by pressing or holding Left Click.

Unlike the sledge and harvester, the hammer cannot mine Component or Sulfur.

Building Tool[]

The hammer can be used to build many types of structures. Equip your hammer and press B to open the building menu, and select the desired structure. Certain structures shown in the menu can only be built with a Construction Vehicle, and some others can only be built after their technology is unlocked.

Use the mouse to move around the blueprint of your structure to the desired location, use RMB + drag to rotate the structure around for better placement. If the blueprint becomes red, the current position is invalid. Certain blueprint types have special positioning requirements. Once you've found a satisfactory position press Left Click to confirm the placement.

Equip your hammer and hit the blueprint by pressing Left Click with the required type of materials in your inventory. The blueprint disappears after about 5 seconds if you do not hit it with a hammer at least once. If you made an error in your placement, be sure to wait it out and place another better located one.


  • The blueprint is easily destroyed and any materials invested in the construction is lost.
  • Up to 3 people can work on the blueprint's construction at the same time.
  • There's no time limit to finish building a blueprint.

Hammer Build Options:

The hammer is also used in a similar fashion to build the blueprints that certain building facilities (Garage, Shipyard, Construction Yard) spawn via their own selection menu.

Hammers can also rebuild destroyed bridges. Simply get close to the bridge's edge, press E and hammer at the blueprint with the necessary amount of Basic Materials. Same thing for rebuilding Coastal Guns.

Repairing Tool[]

The hammer can also repair structures and vehicles. Simply hit them with your hammer with Basic Materials in your inventory. All repairs cost Basic Materials.

Upgrading Tool[]

Hammer upgrade mode.png

The hammer can be used to upgrade certain existing structures. Switch your hammer to "Upgrade Mode" by pressing F then press E on the structure to upgrade. If there is only one upgrade option available the blueprint will appear right away. If there are multiple upgrade options an upgrade menu will open, certain options let you rotate the upgrade with the Mouse Scroll Wheel when your mouse is on their icon in the menu. Select your upgrade and hit the blueprint with hammer and required materials in inventory.


  • If the blueprint is shot before it is completed, it will turn back into the original structure
  • Certain structure upgrades, like upgrading a FOB's Tier, are done with a Construction Vehicle.
  • Certain upgrades skip the hammer hitting job and are instantly built after your soldier does a short animation (e.g. trench barbed wire upgrade).

Hammer Upgradable Structures:

The hammer's upgrade mode also displays statistics for targeted structures like Health, Faction, the original builder of the structure, etc...

Historical Reference[]

This Hammer is loosely based off of a Ball-peen hammer, used for metalworking.