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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.


The Half-Track is a tracked armored combat Vehicle.


Half-Tracks are light armored vehicles (not very resistant to heavy MGs). They usually have better fuel efficiency than Armored Cars and decent off-road speeds.

Their tracks can be damaged, making them very slow.

They have more health than Armored Cars.

They have a horn (press LMB as driver).

They can be packaged, forming a large Shippable that can be lifted by Crane, but only transported by a Freighter or Barge.

They are heavy enough to trigger anti-tank mines and cannot safely cross Field Bridges. They cannot cross Trenches. They can run over Sandbags, tier 1 walls, and Barbed Wire Fences.

The standard Half-Tracks start with no weapon but any tripod weapon can be mounted on its forward mount.

To mount a tripod weapon pick up the weapon, press B then LMB on the Half-Track. To remove the mounted weapon, open the vehicle's menu with E and click the "Detach Tripod Weapon" button Pack Up UI Icon.png in the bottom right corner.

The mountable weapons are:

The firing arc of the mounted weapon is relatively limited.


The gunner position on Half-Tracks is always exposed to incoming fire from the sides or rear. As such, the drivers should always keep the vehicle's front toward the enemy. The mounted weapons are also always fixed, which means the half-tracks have to rely on friendly infantry support to cover their flanks. This is even more important since the tracks are a weak point. A tracked Half-Track loses nearly all its mobility and its ability to retreat, becoming an easy target.

Using them at night is very risky.

As with other armored vehicles, the crew should always wear a gas mask with multiple filters.


The Half-Track can soak small arms and shrapnel with ease, but are vulnerable to heavy calibers, anti-tank Launchers or Explosives.

Damaging the tracks to slow down the vehicle is a must.

Two Anti-Tank mines can kill the vehicle.

Half-Track List[]

Icon Class Name Description Armament Cost Fuel Capacity & Usage Rate Crew Inventory Slots Faction
Niska Mk. 1 Gun Motor Carriage Vehicle Icon.png
Half-Track Niska Mk. 1 Gun Motor Carriage An armored all-terrain vehicle used to support infantry during assaults. Tripod Weapons
60 Refined Materials.png 150L
12L / min
2 8

HH-a Javelin Vehicle Icon.png
Half-Track HH-a "Javelin" An armored all-terrain vehicle used to support infantry during assaults. Tripod Weapons
55 Refined Materials.png 150L
9L / min
2 7

Niska Mk. 2 Blinder Vehicle Icon.png
Half-Track Niska Mk. 2 Blinder A Half-Track fitted with a heavy-duty anti-tank gun. 68mm Anti-Tank Cannon 85 Refined Materials.png 150L
15L / min
2 1

HH-b Hoplite Vehicle Icon.png
Half-Track HH-b "Hoplite" A Half-Track with reinforced armour at the expense of speed. Tripod Weapons
70 Refined Materials.png 150L
9L / min
2 9

HH-d Peltast Vehicle Icon.png
Half-Track HH-d "Peltast" A Half-Track with a mounted mortar boasting slightly higher specs. Mortar 70 Refined Materials.png 150L
9L / min
3 20 (Mortar Shells only)


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