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With reinforced armour at the expense of speed, the Hoplite is a formidable force in the heat of combat.
In-game description

The HH-b "Hoplite" is a Colonial Half-Track variant with additional armor and inventory space. It starts with no weapon but can mount any tripod weapon.


The HH-b "Hoplite" carries additional armor compared to the HH-a Javelin, giving it more survivability at the cost of slower acceleration and speed.


The HH-b "Hoplite" is able to seat a crew of 2 (1 driver, and 1 gunner) and 5 passengers (1 co-driver and 4 in the rear). Each crew seat must be entered from the correct side: the driver enters the vehicle from the left side, the passenger from the right, the gunner from the rear of the vehicle, and the rear passengers from the rear left. The gunner and rear passengers position is open making them vulnerable to incoming fire from the sides and rear.

The rear passengers can use their secondary equipment, the binoculars in most cases to help spot targets and threats.


It has 9 inventory slots (2 more than the "Javelin") that can only hold ammunition for the mounted weapon (does not stack).


The Half-Tracks start with no weapon but any tripod weapon can be mounted on its forward mount.

To mount a tripod weapon pick up the weapon, press B then LMB on the Half-Track. To remove the mounted weapon, open the vehicle's menu with E and click the "Detach Tripod Weapon" button Pack Up UI Icon.png in the bottom right corner.

The mountable weapons are:

The firing arc of the mounted weapon is relatively limited.

Health & Armor[]

The Hoplite has more health and armor than the HH-a Javelin. It can soak small arms and shrapnel, but heavy calibers, anti-tank Launchers and heavy explosives are a real danger. A single Anti-Tank Mine will track and cripple it, two will kill it.

Despite the additional armor, the Hoplite will almost never deflect Armour Piercing shells.

The Hoplite's tracks can be damaged by explosives, making it very slow.

Engine & Size[]

The Hoplite is slower than the Javelin but keeps an okay off-road speed. Combined with its relatively low fuel consumption, the vehicle can last for a long time without having to refuel. Its on-road speed isn't extraordinary.

The Half-Track can be packaged, forming a large Shippable that can be lifted by Crane, but only transported by a Freighter or Barge.

It is heavy enough to trigger anti-tank mines and cannot safely cross Field Bridges. It cannot cross Trenches. It can run over Sandbags, tier 1 walls, and Barbed Wire Fences.


The Hoplite can only handle targets in front of it. It is best to keep it forward facing at all times, to protect the gunner and allow them to shoot. In case of situations where retreating is necessary it is still recommend to reverse instead of turning around and exposing the gunner.

The vehicle is extremely versatile due to being able to swap mounted weapons, its relative good speed on and off-road, and its 5 passenger seats. It can be an armored infantry carrier, an armored infantry support, an anti-armor vehicle, an anti-structure vehicle.

When equipped with a Mounted Machinegun, a well coordinated crew is able to use the vehicle as a strong area-denial tool by stopping the enemy infantry, preventing builders from constructing defenses and, in cases of poor defenses, as a strong assaulting force. The machine gun's long range should be used to its full potential to avoid taking damage.

The vehicle is not ideal to assault an elevated position due to the gunner position being vulnerable.

It's recommended to have a rear passenger using binoculars to help find targets and spot threats.

If it is not equipped with a Mounted Anti-Tank Rifle, Mounted RPG Launcher, or Mounted Bonesaw MK.3, the Hoplite cannot fight armored vehicles armed with anything bigger than a machine gun. Even a T5 "Percutio" presents a danger.


The decent speed of the vehicle means it is able to escape situations quickly and so if aiming to destroy one of these it is best to work in a group with AT weapons (R.P.G.,Sticky Bombs, Anti-Tank Rifle) and to aim at the tracks to damage them and slow down the vehicle. A small organized force is able to quickly destroy these with minimal effort if working together.

Given the Hoplite's decent off-road speed and good fuel autonomy, many crew will spend a lot of time off-road. That's why Anti-Tank mines, who remain invisible to the crew and can one-shot the vehicle, make the perfect counter.


  • The Hoplite's model was the default Colonial half-track before the introduction of vehicle variants in Update 0.37.