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The "Scorpion" HC-class tank is a moderately armoured infantry support vehicle with twin, high-powered heavy machine guns and short-ranged radios for improved intelligence support. In addition, exterior seating is available for infantry.
In-game description

The HC-2 Scorpion is a Colonial Light Infantry Tank, using the chassis of the HC-7 "Ballista" and armed with two 12.7mm Machine Guns. It possesses two seats for passengers on the rear of its hull.


The HC-2 "Scorpion" has two machine guns, each with about 115 degrees of traverse, covering a total of 170 degrees. The tank also has a radio to gather intelligence within a 60m radius around itself, allowing for scouting as well as being able to see enemies outside of view distance on the map.

The crew member operating the left machine gun can toggle the top hatch by pressing E; when it's open that person can use Binoculars or Secondary Weapons. As such the left side gunner acts as the tank commander.

Can be packaged and transported by a Freighter.