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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.46) of the game. It was last updated for 0.45.

The "Kranesca" Light Tank is fitted with an overpowered engine and a reinforced chassis, capable of boosting its top speed at the expense of overall acceleration and maneuverability.
In-game description

The H-8 "Kranesca" is a Colonial Light Tank variant with a 40mm cannon, a crew of 3, and a speed boost capability.


The H-8 "Kranesca" is a slightly more expensive variant of the H5 Hatchet with a bit more durability and a boost. The boost multiplies the vehicle's fuel consumption by 6, as such it cannot be used for long periods of time. The boosts allows the tank to go faster than an Armored Car on road and as fast as a boosting Motorcycle off-road, granting immense agility for a short duration. Note that the boost does not increase speed when driving in reverse.

It has space for three crewmembers, a driver, a gunner, and a commander. The driver is the only crewmember able to see the amount of fuel remaining, while the gunner loads and fires the cannon. The commander is able to view the battlefield with Binoculars as well as fire Secondary Weapons out of the Commander's Hatch or close the hatch to be protected from incoming fire.

Can be packaged and transported by a Freighter.


The 40mm shell doesn't have a lot of penetrative power, as such when fighting tanks you'll be forced to hit the sides or the rear and at close range to increase your chance to penetrate the armor. With its boost, the Kranesca is the perfect tool to flank and close in on an enemy armored vehicle and have your speed catch them by surprise.

The crew should ALWAYS bring a Gas Mask and Filters to avoid dying to Gas Grenades.