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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.46) of the game. It was last updated for 0.45.

The "Pelekys" H-class Light Tank is heavily modified with an open top chassis and equipped with a devastating long-range anti-tank cannon.
In-game description

The H-10 "Pelekys" is a Colonial open top self-propelled Light Tank fitted with a 68mm AT cannon.


The H-10 "Pelekys" has a crew of 3, a driver, a gunner, and a commander and a forward-facing 68mm cannon with 45m range. The open top nature of the vehicle makes the entire crew vulnerable to small arms fire and grenades from the rear. Also, the commander cannot aim their sidearm at the rear and has no hatch to use. The cannon has very little traverse, you must rely on the driver to point the cannon in the correct general direction.

Can be packaged and transported by a Freighter.

The tank appears to be based on the American M24 Chaffee Light Tank for the hull and the Soviet SU-76 for the casemate.


The crew's vulnerability makes the tank very reliant on infantry support if it wants to use its mobility, or have a skilled commander using binoculars.

The 45 meter range cannon allows you to hit other tanks from a distance where they can't fire back without advancing. The Pelekys is thus a great tank to defend a fortified position from tank assaults. Used defensively you won't have the opportunity to fire at the sides or rear of enemy tanks but the 68mm AT shell offer more penetration than 40mm so it's not a big issue.

The crew should ALWAYS bring a Gas Mask and Filters to avoid dying to Gas Grenades.

Due to the importance of range when using this tank, it's very recommended to have a commander.

Using the tank at night is not recommended due to its crew vulnerabilty, especially without infantry support