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Of the most distinguished divisions of the Legion are the Grenadiers. They are outfitted with specialized satchels and pockets for maximizing their capacity to haul explosives.
Grenadier's Baldric Description

The Grenadier's Baldric is a unique Uniform to Colonials, the uniform features 6 inventory slots and allows for Grenades to stack (stacks of 2), while also reducing their Encumbrance by 25%. The Grenade Uniform does not provide any protection from Weather, and costs 100 Basic Materials.png per crate of 15 uniforms.

30mm ammo also stacks to 2 but doesn't receive any encumbrance reduction.

Visually the Grenadier's Baldric is extremely visually similar to the Soldier Uniform, however some of the belt pouches have been removed and replaced with a grenade bandolier going across the back of the soldier.