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The (fragmentation) Grenade is a throwable anti-infantry explosive. It is obtained via production in a Factory. This grenade is commonly used to attack enemy positions on the land. It is aimed by holding, and thrown by releasing the left mouse button.

It cannot damage Structures and deals mediocre amounts to Vehicles. Its blast radius and damage towards infantry is what it is best suited for. Enemies inside structures (like Pillboxes) or vehicles do not receive any damage, but the health of the vehicle is decreased by a bit. On the other hand, soldiers in structures and vehicles that have an open top (Emplacement Machine Gun, Half-Track, Tankette, etc...) can be injured and killed by well placed frag grenades.


  • When a grenade is thrown, if a grenade of the same type exists in the backpack, it will automatically be equipped.
  • Grenade types are not stackable.


To throw it:

  1. Hold down RMB (right mouse button). This will show a white arch, showing the path of the Frag Grenade.
  2. Press LMB (left mouse button) to throw it.

You can also hold LMB with a Grenade in your hand, you can cook it, making it explode earlier, therefore not giving the enemy time to react. But if you hold it too long, it can explode in your hand!

Grenade List[]


Grenades are produced in a Factory or Mass Production Factory.