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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.46.

Deep into The Heartlands, The Great March is a central highway that runs between the southern regions of Veli up towards Sunhaven.
In-game description

The Great March is a Skirmish map featuring large rolling hills, farm fields, and multiple approaches into towns. This tense map revolves around two small roadside settlements featuring open field combat. Measured coordination and infiltration tactics will be required when approaching the central towns. The map was added in Update 0.12.

Update History[]

In Update 0.20, the new structure Safehouses have been implemented to this map.

Great March was renovated in Update 0.23 as it underwent the transition from skirmish map to world conquest map. This renovation added new territory to the northern portion of the map. A similar revision was performed on the sister map Reaching Trail.

Update 0.26 altered the arrangement of Great March to fit within a hexagonal boundary, this update removed certain locations in the southern section of the map.

With Update 0.29 Border Forts has been removed and been repurposed as Zone Bases.


Great March -w Icons & Locations.png

Named Locations in Great March[1][]

  • The Black Wing
  • Dalton Meadow
  • Dendró Field
  • Eristown
  • Fateless Grove
  • Fengari
  • The Great March
  • Halting Valley
  • Jackboot Creek
  • Legacy Pasture
  • Leto
  • The Midmarch
  • Milowood
  • Mors Range
  • Myrmidon's Stay
  • Remnant Acreage
  • Remnant Villa
  • The River Senti
  • Schala Estate
  • Scrabbling Motte
  • Serpent Charm
  • Sitaria
  • The Spice Road
  • The Swan
  • Violet Fields
  • Violethome
  • The White Wing
  • Zealous Approach
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