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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.46.

A winding atoll lined with berths is the perfect hideaway for smugglers and reavers seeking to break bread. The Endless Sea is to the brim with corpses of fools who began their journey from the Godcrofts. It's no wonder so many fear the place: it's the first brick on the road to hell.
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Godcrofts is a map in the Northeast of the world map. It features a bunch of islands, all interconnected with bridges, and two medium sized towns. The islands also have several bridges connected to the mainland and the industry is focused on the west side, which makes it significantly different from its mirror counter part Fisherman's Row. It is connected to the main land via the maps Endless Shore and Weathered Expanse, the latter being only connected with a slither of land and a single road. Godscrofts also shares it eastern island with the map bellow, Tempest Island, for which it forms a staging ground.


Godcrofts has been added with Update 0.26.

In Update 0.41, the easternmost landmass (including the town Promithiens) has been relocated to the center of the map, replacing the island crossroads.


Godcrofts -w Icons & Locations.png

Named Locations in Godcrofts[1][]

  • Anchor Beach
  • Argosa
  • The Axehead
  • Bagh Mòr
  • Barreller's Bay
  • Blackwatch
  • Chamil Ravine
  • Den of Thieves
  • The Dice Road
  • The Fleece Road
  • Gambler's Gulf
  • Isawa
  • Kolas
  • The Kris Ford
  • Lipsia
  • Peripti Depths
  • Perpetua Channel
  • Primus Trames
  • Promithiens
  • Protos
  • Saegio
  • Skodio
  • Ursa Trail
  • Vicit Lagoon
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