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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

A gate that provides access to a walled off area.
In-game description

The Gate (Tier 1) is a basic retractable gate that provides friendly troops access through a walled section. Because of the large holes in it, players can see other players through the gate and weapons can be fired through it. It is fairly weak but still immune to small arms. It can be destroyed with heavy explosives or heavy machine gun fire. It is built with a Construction Vehicle and can be placed in most placed, even on roads.

It can be upgraded to Tier 2 with a Construction Vehicle. If you must destroy it, aim for the gate posts on the ends of the Gate.

The Tier 2 version is stronger than Tier 1 and is immune to heavy machine gun fire, but can be removed with judicious application of High Explosive Grenades. It can be upgraded to a Gate (Tier 3).

The Tier 3 version is way sturdier than Tier 2. It's going to take a lot of manpower and explosives to take one down (3 Satchel Charges). It costs Refined Materials to upgrade but is repaired with Basic Materials at a cheap cost.

Gate Etiquette[]

Gates are an extremely important part of foxhole and for defenses. However, they can cause quite an annoyance or slow down significant operations. Here are some tips to utilize when around gates or going through them.

  • In contested areas and the front lines ALWAYS keep gates closed
  • In very secure areas (such as near Town Bases). If there are lots of doors on a road it's acceptable to leave some of them open for logistics drivers, but keep gates closed surrounding even the most secure towns (to prevent espionage from the enemy). Please be aware of the surrounding areas and where enemies are located.


  • Gates can be opened from the driver's seat of many vehicles.
  • As a foot soldier you don't have to face a gate to close it. It's based off of proximity no direction. This means to quickly get through gates as long as you don't obstruct the door you can close gates with your back towards it. If timed right, this can be done while running.
  • You cannot toggle gates that belong to the enemy.
  • Keep in mind that gates do not shoot at the enemy and so have limited defensive value on their own. In most cases, your gate should have static defenses, like Rifle Pillboxes, in front of it.
  • Gates and Walls of the same tier have the same health.