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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

Protects against poison gas.
In-game description


The Gas Mask is an essential self defense tool against Green Ash. It is obtained via production in a Factory. When equipped, it grants a player complete immunity to the gas. The gas mask consumes Gas Mask Filters when filtering green ash. The gas mask starts without filter. When you equip an empty gas mask, it automatically loads any filter in your inventory into the mask. When the gas mask's current filter is depleted one of the spare filter in your inventory is automatically consumed to replenish the gas mask's filter. The Player model reflects the Mask being equipped. One green ash grenade consumes 90% of a filter if inside the cloud for its full duration (60% if friendly gas).

When you're wearing a gas mask, a tiny mask symbol appears under your stamina bar, the color of that symbol gives you information:

  • Gas Mask0 UI Icon.png: No Filter equipped
  • Gas Mask1 UI Icon.png: Filter equipped
  • Gas Mask2 UI Icon.png: Filter equipped but nearly empty

Historical Reference[]

The gas masks in Foxhole appear to be based on the GM 1917 used by the Imperial German Army in the First World War.