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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

An abandoned building in the world that has been fortified and garrisoned.
In-game description

A Garrisoned House is a defensive world structure found in all towns and surrounding areas.


It's a large hollow building that fires at enemy infantry and vehicles within its range from the reinforced windows marked with faction specific colors. Those windows also act as firing positions that friendly soldiers can access by going to the position's particular entry point in the house interior (marked with a large "X") and pressing Q. The window's AI is only active when in range of a Town Base or Safe House with active garrison. The AI status is shown on the windows by the size of the faction colored fabric under it.

large green/blue cloth under window = active AI , no cloth = no AI

The garrisoned house is a very effective defense that stops infantry and acts as a deterrent for vehicles when at tier 3. The building is always immune to small-arms and heavy machine gun fire, and at tier 2 and 3 it becomes very resilient to explosives such as Mortars and RPGs compared to most other defenses. Its AI has a higher fire rate than a Rifle Pillbox and is immune to Suppression. However the AI cannot shoot at enemy infantry that manage to get inside the house and the house usually have one side without a usable window leaving a blind spot for enemies to safely approach.

Because it's a world structure the garrisoned house doesn't decay which is a significant advantage over player built defenses.


There are three tiers of Garrisoned Houses. Each tier increases the building's armor and at tier 3 the house's reinforced windows fire 20mm rounds at vehicles instead of 7.62mm rifle rounds. The materials covering the reinforced windows respresent the tier: Cloth for Tier 1, Wood for Tier 2, Metal for Tier 3.

House tier represented by reinforcement type (cloth, wood, planks, iron case) on the AI windows.

Construction & Tier Upgrade[]

New Garrisoned Houses cannot be built but you can rebuild existing ones when they are demolished. They are rebuilt with a Construction Vehicle loaded with 150 Basic Materials. Drive to the house, press F to switch to upgrade mode, aim at the house with RMB and press E, then hit the blueprint by holding LMB until completion.

However the building can only be constructed if the following requirement are met:

  • Your faction controls the Town Base
  • The Town Base has unlocked the Occupied Town IconUpgradesOccupiedTown.png upgrade
  • The garrisoned house is in range of the Town Base or a Safe House with active AI (either through Small Garrison IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png upgrade or Provisional Garrison IconUpgradesProvisionalGarrison.png upgrade and 10+ player spawns assigned)

A Garrisoned House can be upgraded to the next tier the same way for 150 Basic Materials (which means rebuilding a house to tier 3 costs 450 Basic Materials in total). Upgrading a house to the next tier requires that the connected Town Base or Safe House is upgraded to that tier first.

Not all houses in town can be rebuilt into a garrisoned house, some are too demolished. You can check if a house can be rebuilt by aiming at it with your hammer in upgrade mode and pressing E.

A garrisoned house must be destroyed and rebuilt to change its faction.

Garrisoned Houses can be devastated by Artillery (except mortar) and by weapons dealing Demolition damage leaving the houses in a ruined state unable to be rebuilt.


  • Garrisoned Houses have some of the lowest damage per shot of any AI defense and thus do not slow you when you get hit. Very often, you can run into them before they can kill you allowing you to kill them from inside.
  • The only way to kill a player inside a garrison house's windows is the destruction of the house or by using Gas Grenades.
  • Garrisoned Houses come in three sizes health wise, the medium and large ones have 25% and 50% more health than the small respectively.
  • They protect you from the cold during snow storms even when destroyed.


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  • The Caoivish Defender, contains a cartography section showcasing garrison houses in various regions with their no AI side highlighted.