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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

An abandoned building in the world that has been fortified and garrisoned.
In-game description

The Garrisoned House is a static World Structure that can be found in all towns and surrounding areas in a demolished state. These buildings can be rebuilt and garrisoned by interacting E with a Construction Vehicle and Basic Materials once the appropriate Research is complete. When constructed, the building will act as any other standard Defensive Structure and will fire at any enemies within its range from the windows marked with Faction specific Colors. Many garrisoned houses feature elevated or protected firing positions that can be accessed by the owning team by going to the position's particular entry point and pressing the Enter Structure key (Q by default). Most firing positions' entry points are marked with a large white "X" on the wall.

The building is unable to be constructed when not connected to a friendly Town Base with the Occupied Town Upgrade IconUpgradesOccupiedTown.png. The tier of the connected town base determines the max possible tier of Garrisoned Houses.

The garrisoned house is also an extremely effective defense for stopping infantry and acting as a deterrent for vehicles - with its high health pool and high rate of fire it is able to eliminate enemies easily. The building is immune to small-arms and heavy machine gun fire. It is also somewhat resilient to explosives such as Mortars and R.P.G.s compared to most other defenses.

The Garrisoned House is immune to Suppression.

Garrisoned Houses can be Devastated by Heavy Artillery, leaving the houses in a ruined state unable to be rebuilt.


There are three tiers of Garrisoned Houses: each tier has increased armor than lower tiers and tier 3 Garrisoned Houses fires Anti-Tank Rifle rounds at Vehicles. Upgrading a Garrisoned House's tier is done the same way it's constructed, and at the same price, which means a Tier 3 Garrisoned House cost a total of triple the initial construction cost.

To see the tier of the Garrison house look at the Faction Colored windows:

  • Tier 1 = Cloth
  • Tier 2 = Wood Planks
  • Tier 3 = Iron Case

Garrison Variants[]

Farm House[]

  • Often spotted near towns with open farm and grass fields.
  • Firing entry positions: 4
  • 2 doors, 4 windows, and a large amount of interior cover.

Stone Brick House[]

  • Commonly spotted inside every mid-to-large town, except those in the south of the map, often pressed against each other with one side blocked.
  • 4 Firing Entry Positions
  • 2 Doors, a varying amount of windows. No cover in the interior.

Southern Houses[]

  • Act as the Southern version of the Stone Brick House.
  • 4 Firing Entry Positions
  • 2 Doors, a varying amount of windows. No cover in the interior.

Small Garrison Houses[]

  • Smaller versions of the houses surrounding them
  • 1-2 Firing Entry Positions
  • No interior


  • Only friendly players can enter the elevated firing positions in the garrisoned house.
  • The garrisoned house must be destroyed and rebuilt to change its faction.
  • Only some buildings can be rebuilt into a garrisoned house. If it can be rebuilt, a prompt to rebuild it will appear when you move near it, even on foot.
  • All but one kind of Garrison Houses have sides where no AI will shoot from making them safe to approach and destroy from these sides. Said garrison is a one story cottage.
  • Garrison Houses have some of the Lowest damage per shot of any AI defense and thus do not slow you when you get hit. Very often, you can run into them before they can kill you allowing you to kill them from inside.
  • The only way to kill a player inside a garrison house's windows is the destruction of the house or by using Gas Grenades.
  • Garrisoned Houses come in three sizes health wise, the medium and large ones have 25% and 50% more health than the small respectively.


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  • The Caoivish Defender, contains a cartography section showcasing garrison houses in various regions with their no AI side highlighted.